Three Georgia eGPS Base Stations Have Been Added to the National CORS Program

Norcross, GA, May 21, 2009 – Three additional GPS satellite base stations owned by eGPS Solutions are now being processed into the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) program.

These base stations are part of the eGPS Real Time Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Network. Every CORS-approved base station provides the Global Navigation Satellite System carrier phase and code range measurements in support of 3-dimensional positioning activities throughout the United States and its territories. As part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NGS invites organizations and individuals to share data from their permanent GPS base stations by including these stations in the National CORS network.

Each CORS-approved base station must meet significant criteria including having dual frequency receiver/antenna oriented to true North with approved NGS phase center variability model, tracking at least ten satellites above 0 degrees, with pseudorange precision to better than 0.5 meter RMS, and many additional measurements and rules. Surveyors, engineers, scientists, and others can use data provided by CORS to position points at which GNNS data have been collected. This system enables accuracies in positioning of a few centimeters, both horizontally and vertically, relative to the National Spatial Reference System.

In developing its Real Time Network, eGPS Solutions has designed and built all of its base stations to the CORS specification. The newly added stations are Brunswick, GA (gabk), Tifton, GA (gatf), and Blakely, GA (gaby). The addition of these CORS stations will add to the accuracy of OPUS solutions within the boundaries of Georgia as well as the post processed static and mapping grade measurements. The firm is proud to be serving as the backbone of geodetic control throughout Georgia.

About eGPS Solutions
Located in Norcross, Georgia, eGPS Solutions, Inc. owns and operates a GNSS RTN covering all of Georgia and Florida and extending approximately five miles off the coastline of both states. It is the largest privately owned GNSS Real Time Network (RTN) in the United States. Originally conceived as the brainchild of ardent industry professionals with a penchant for advancing the surveying and mapping industries, it was not built as a service to accompany and promote the sales for a specific manufacturer’s equipment. This has given eGPS Solutions the unique opportunity to benefit a broader spectrum of professionals. The RTN technologies utilized by the eGPS Solutions network of RTN reference stations replace conventional Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) base station methods by eliminating the need for individual, temporary base stations. For more information on eGPS Solutions, visit or contact Lonnie Sears, 770-695-3361,

Photo captions: (top) Brunswick, GA (GABK): Brunswick, GA is mounted on the original JC Penny’s building which is a very stable masonry structure; (bottom) Tifton, GA (GATF): Tifton, GA is mounted on the old Masonic Lodge which is a very stable Masonic structure.