KS Associates Receives Safety Award for No Lost-Time Injuries for Fourth Straight Year

May 20 , 2009 – A rigorous safety program for employees, particularly field surveyors, has paid off for KS Associates. For the fourth year in a row, the firm has received The 100% Award from The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce Safety Council. The award recognizes companies that work the entire year without a lost-time injury. A lost-time injury is defined as a work-related injury/illness where the affected person is unable to complete the next shift.

KS Associates employees who are most at risk for injury are field surveyors who often work in hazardous conditions — along busy roadways, on active airfields, on bodies of water, in inclement weather conditions and in terrain that subjects them to poisonous plants and insects. KS Associates Safety Program helps surveyors remain aware of the unique hazards posed in various environments and provides continuous training in hazard prevention and remediation. The program also focuses on office personnel and addresses a variety of health and wellness issues.  

The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce Safety Council is dedicated to increasing safety awareness through training and educational programs. Each year, the Council conducts a Safety Awards Program to recognize companies that have developed and maintained safe workplaces for their employees.