C & C Technologies to Perform Sea Trial on Unmanned Semi-Submersible

C & C Technologies, Inc. (C & C) is set to sea trial its new Unmanned Semi-Submersible (USS) this June in the Gulf of Mexico. The 6-meter (20 feet) vehicle was designed and built over the last three years as a substitute for the standard hydrographic survey launch. Powered by a 30 horsepower diesel engine, the vehicle will be ideal for large nautical charting surveys and mine defense efforts. 

The USS operates just below the water’s surface with a mast extending above the waterline. Payload sensors include a keel-mounted side scan sonar, multibeam echosounder, and CTD. The mast includes a video camera, C-Nav DGPS, and wireless antenna for high-speed telemetry of data. 

“Like an AUV, the vehicle will be able to operate autonomously in a wide range of sea conditions, yet with the exposed mast, data can be reliably positioned with DGPS and relayed back in real time,” said Thomas Chance, CEO of C & C Technologies. “Unlike an AUV or a launch, the USS will be able to operate for four days at four knots, or two days at eight knots.”

Through a contract with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, C & C engineers have designed the system for multiple unit deployment and payload flexibility. The company intends to build additional vehicles for use worldwide through survey service contracts or system sales. 

About C & C Technologies
C & C Technologies has 600 employees and operates worldwide. The company provides a full range of offshore survey services, C-Nav global DGPS services, and is the world leader in deepwater AUV operations. For more information, please go to http://www.cctech.us/.