Breithaupt Announces Improvements to its 1st Order Level

The NABON is a precise levelling instrument consisting of the main components high accuracy telescope with coincidence level visible in the field of view, optical plane parallel glass plate micrometer and a tribrach with two cross levels. A very accurate micrometer tilting screw with a long tilting basis and additional transmission is used. The telescope housing and the tubular level holder are made of one complete unit of full material permitting stability, robustness and long keeping of adjustment.

Beside the precision level of 1st order no. 4050 NABON we offer the precision level of highest accuracy no. 4760 NABON.  The geodetic instrument no. 4050 NABON offers an accuracy of +/-0,2mm/1km double-run. The optical tooling instrument offers a micrometer reading of 0,02mm.

After the improvement and modification we offer now an excellent line of sight from 0,30 m to infinity.

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