SATEL Releases Radio Modems with Wide Tuning Range

Salo, Finland – SATEL, a leading manufacturer of radio modems for long range wireless data communications, released radio modem modules SATELLINE-M3-T1 and M3-R1 into production. The UHF transmitter and receiver modules offer a 67 MHz tuning range, which allows users to freely select the carrier frequency in the field.

With a new PC application, SATEL Configuration Manager, users can also easily modify other settings, such as channel spacing, channel width and transmitter power. Preset channels can also be stored in the radio modems to enable easy scanning for a free channel on the field. A land surveying team, for example, can have a number of preset channels stored in their equipment and select a free channel when they arrive on site.

In addition to being compatible with existing SATEL products, M3-T1 and M3-R1 also support the PCC protocol. The radio modems can thus be used seamlessly with equipment from other manufacturers. SATEL will announce compatibility with another corresponding protocol later.

As the radio modems are designed for land surveying, power consumption, size and weight have been optimized. A selection of housings and antenna and data connectors offer flexibility for integration into different devices. The radio modems can also be delivered as circuit board level modules, because they meet all type approval requirements as such. Both RS-232 and TTL/LVTTL data interfaces are supported.

“Land surveying and other RTK customers are very important for SATEL. By bringing the M3-T1 and M3-R1 radio modems to the market and promoting interoperability across manufacturers, we further improve our offering to this industry”, says Tuomas Pitkanen, CEO of SATEL. “In a near future we will also release a 35 Watt radio modem into production and add cables for land surveying to our portfolio. SATEL will thus become a one-stop-shop for land surveying communications.”

SATEL specializes in designing and manufacturing radio modems for long range wireless data communication. For over 20 years, the company’s cornerstones have been RF performance, reliability and service. SATEL’s radio modems have proven their reliability in applications ranging from Mt Everest to nuclear power plants and from professional motor sports to runway telemetry at airports. The company is headquartered in Finland and its distributor network serves over 100 countries. For additional information, visit

About radio modems
Radio modems communicate wirelessly with each other across a range of up to tens of kilometers. As radio modems are independent of mobile and satellite network operators, no recurring cost is associated with transferring data. Radio modems for both unlicensed and licensed frequency bands are available.