Radio Modem Compatibility Across Manufacturers Improved

Salo, Finland – SATEL improves compatibility between radio modems of different brands by introducing products that are compatible with radio modems of competing manufacturers. The compatibility option is available for the SATELLINE 3AS radio modem family, including the newly released SATELLINE-M3-T1 and M3-R1 transmitter and receiver modules.

“Our customers need to be able to choose as freely as possible between different alternatives in order to find the best radio modem with respect to features, reliability and cost. It is obviously important to maintain this freedom after the initial deployment. When a network is extended or upgraded several years later by adding or replacing radio modems, compatibility is a key issue”, said Tuomas Pitkanen, CEO of SATEL. “We are delighted, as we are now able to offer SATEL’s excellent RF performance and reliability to customers who use equipment from other manufacturers.”

As vendor specific protocols lock-in users to a certain vendor and limit the number of possible alternatives, competition is stifled. SATEL now alleviates this by offering interoperability with devices that use the PCC-protocol, which has been specified by one of SATELs competitors. In a few months, SATEL will announce compatibility with another corresponding protocol.

“The process of tearing down interoperability barriers takes time but SATEL is committed to working continuously for the benefit of the customer”, adds Business Development Director Aulis Torma. “For users, the ideal situation would be that a common standard would be used in the radio modem industry. Time will tell whether such an industry standard will rise above others.”

SATEL specializes in designing and manufacturing radio modems for long range wireless data communication. For over 20 years, the company’s cornerstones have been RF performance, reliability, and service. SATEL’s radio modems have proven their reliability in applications ranging from Mt Everest to nuclear power plants and from professional motor sports to runway telemetry at airports. The company is headquartered in Finland and its distributor network serves over 100 countries. For additional information, visit

About radio modems
Radio modems communicate wirelessly with each other across a range of up to tens of kilometers. As radio modems are independent of mobile and satellite network operators, no recurring cost is associated with transferring data. Radio modems for both unlicensed and licensed frequency bands are available.