OnPOZ Precision Positioning Introduces a Free GNSS Receiver-Independent Extension

Adds EZ post-processing power to ArcPad® field mapping software from ESRI.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 23, 2009 – OnPOZ Precision Positioning has released a new ArcPad® extension that allows GNSS post-processing using different GNSS receiver brands.  GNSS Driver for ArcPad® is the only receiver-independent extension that adds the power of post-processing to ArcPad®. Post-processing technology can significantly improve your GNSS/GIS data accuracy and reliability.

Without changing anything in your current ArcPad® workflow, this FREE GNSS Driver for ArcPad® extension seamlessly logs real time positions, metadata and all GNSS observations in order to increase the reliability and accuracy of GNSS positions by post-processing your ESRI Shapefiles.

“To get the best accuracy out of your GNSS receiver for field mapping or asset inventories, the GNSS driver for ArcPad® is the way to go to facilitate the post-processing step. This extension is based on OnPOZ GNSS Universal Driver, which comes with multiple GNSS manufacturers’ protocols. This allows ArcPad® to be used with the GNSS receiver of your choice”, said Denis Parrot, President of VGI Solutions.

ArcPad® users are welcome to download this FREE extension from the OnPOZ Precision Positioning Web site (www.onpoz.com).

About OnPOZ Precision Positioning
OnPOZ Precision Positioning is a division of VGI Solutions. OnPOZ (www.onpoz.com) offers GNSS products, software and technologies designed for a broad range of applications. It serves end-users, enterprises and OEMs/VARs. More specifically, OnPOZ allows customers to improve the productivity and reliability of their geo-localized data acquisition business processes.

About VGI Solutions
VGI Solutions (www.vgisolutions.com) markets the geospatial products and solutions of VIASAT Géo-Technologie inc. to improve its customers’ business processes. The company bases its success on the quality of its services, the skills and development of its personnel and technological innovation.