Leica Geosystems releases Leica GNSS Spider V3.2 – Unbiased Network RTK

Norcross, GA, March 5 2009 – Leica GNSS Spider V3.2 further enhances its unrivalled versatility and commitment to future-proof GNSS technology.  It provides improved compatibility with GPS L2C and GLONASS satellite signals provided by third party receivers. In addition, by complying with the latest RTCM standards, Leica GNSS Spider enables any manufacturers’ rover systems, in compliance with the aforementioned standards, to seamlessly use both networked and single- base GPS & GLONASS correction data. Leica GNSS Spider is the first GNSS Network infrastructure solution currently providing text messaging from the network to rover users in the field.

“Leica Geosystems Inc. release of Spider 3.2 reiterates our focus on providing an open architecture so all GNSS manufactured equipment can successfully operate to the highest accuracy and precision when operating within a Leica Geosystems based RTK Network solution. Leica GNSS Spider software follows the RTCM industry standards to ensure all inter-manufacturer bias are removed and all rovers, regardless of manufacturer, are maximizing their performance.” says Wendy Watson, Product Manager for Engineering Solutions at Leica Geosystems Inc.

Full GPS & GLONASS interoperability
With GPS L2C as well as GLONASS data processing any potentially possible inter-manufacturer receiver biases are correctly considered by the new processing algorithms.  Ongoing research and development ensures that each new version of GNSS Spider sets new standards for Network RTK performance and reliability.

Rover messaging service
This unique feature uses a standard RTCM message to transport Unicode text messages from Leica GNSS Spider to any rover systems’ user, enabling the network operator to conveniently inform clients about e.g. the status of the network, scheduled updates, and new services etc.Further, Leica GNSS Spider uses this communication channel to automatically provide feedback to a rover about events affecting its connection.

GRX1200+, new site import from RINEX and more
Leica GNSS Spider has been further optimized allowing import of RINEX files into the application so that new references stations can be added. Easy drag and drop of one or more RINEX allows the operator to efficiently setup and configure network stations.  Furthermore, Leica GNSS Spider V3.2 adds support for the new generation of Leica GPS1200+GNSS receivers and the new Leica AR25 3D four-constellation choke ring antenna.

Clear benefits
With Leica GNSS Spider V3.2 Leica Geosystems offers the most advanced, versatile and yet, easy-to- use solution for GNSS Infrastructure and Network RTK.  It allows network service providers to fully focus on the business of reference stations and to optimise the scope of services offered.

“All our customers can benefit from this new version, with possibilities to broaden their service offering and service reliability. Those participating in our Active Customer Care program benefit from our continuous improvement program at no extra cost.” concludes Wendy Watson.

For detailed information about Leica GNSS Spider and its functionality please visit our web site http://www.leica-geosystems.com/us/en/lgs_4591.htm or contact your nearest Leica Geosystems representative.

About Leica Geosystems GNSS Networks and Reference Stations
Whether providing corrections from just a single reference station, or an extensive range of services from a nationwide RTK network – innovative reference station solutions from Leica Geosystems offer tailor-made yet scalable systems, designed for minimum operator interaction whilst providing maximum user benefit. In full compliance with international standards, Leica Geosystems’ proven and reliable infrastructure solutions are based on the latest technology.

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