Stay Connected with HeartBeat from Carlson Software

Maysville, Ky. (February 4, 2009) – Keep your finger on the pulse of your projects with HeartBeat, one of the newest products from the Machine Control Division of Carlson Software.

Running a successful construction project needs comprehensive and accurate choreography to be on target both design- and cost-wise. Enter Carlson HeartBeat, a protocol for site connectivity. HeartBeat provides machine-to-machine communications with or without a link to the office. Its “Proximity Bubbles” lets both operators and foremen know when machines are working close together.

“HeartBeat allows everyone to be in sync throughout the project,” says Steve Weber, V.P. of Positioning and Machine Control at Carlson Software and one of the developers of HeartBeat. “It gives those in the office near Real Time conditions from machines.”

Communication between office and machine and back again is enhanced thanks to the ability to send text messages from one to the other through the program. Record keeping is kept up-to-date with high level and reliable machine/office file synchronization routines for project, logging, and machine configuration.

“HeartBeat gives those in the office more control of the configuration of the machines, while also allowing more feedback from those in the machines without holding up the flow of work,” adds Weber.

Currently, HeartBeat is being used successfully on multiple mining sites as well as in extensive landfill operations. For more information about HeartBeat and other Carlson Software machine control applications, call Carlson Software at 606-564-5028 or 800-989-5028.

About Carlson Software
Founded in 1983, Carlson Software develops software solutions to bring the land development professional from concept to completion. The 25-year-old company is well known for its comprehensive civil, surveying, machine control and positioning, plus mining software solutions. Its free technical support and dedication to customer service is unique in the industry. Carlson Software is headquartered in Maysville, Ky., with branch offices in Boston, Atlanta, Front Royal, Va., and Queensland, Australia.