Active Imaging Systems Technology Deployed for Inauguration Security

January 26, 2009 Amherst, NY – Active Imaging Systems (AIS) participated in data collection using advanced 3D mobile mapping and imaging technology in preparation for the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. This 3D data was delivered to a large multi-agency contingency of Federal and District organizations. The data was used to provide security analysis for the inaugural address and parade route. The data, when processed and visualized in the software workflow, allows the use of such tools like Line-Of-Sight (LOS) analysis, measurement, and route ingress/egress planning.

Bill Gutelius, President of AIS says, “We were very pleased to be able to contribute to this critically important aspect of the inauguration. The high-resolution 3D data allows users to visualize scenarios and to pre-position for security purposes and pre-plan responses. This system provides the most comprehensive analyses in the shortest period of time compared to any other similar technology. It’s a great advantage for the government personnel using it.”

According to Phil Arsenault, AIS Chief Technology Officer, agencies previously had to rely on 2D photographic data or static scanning systems which are quite slow. “We collected several datasets in the Capital area before to demonstrate the enhanced extraction of information from data in a rapid manner” says Arsenault. “However, this was the real thing. We were able to get the data collected along the entire parade route and adjoining areas in less than a few hours. The turn-around to fully processed data took only a few hours more. This entire project area can be completed and delivered as polygonalized surfaces in a day.” He continued.

About Active Imaging Systems

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