progeCAD 2009 Professional Released, Increased Compatibility and Interfacing with Google Earth

Portland, OR, USA – January 12, 2009 – (, in cooperation with progeSOFT North America ( announced today the release of the advanced progeSOFT version of IntelliCAD, progeCAD 2009 Professional

progeSOFT 2009 Professional can open, read, and allow you to edit drawings created with all versions of AutoCAD®, including the latest, AutoCAD 2009 DWG. In addition, progeCAD 2009 Professional provides compatibility by providing an “AutoCAD Like” interface, AutoLISP, VBA, and SDS (similar to ADS). It works with the same .shx and truetype fonts, the same hatch pattern format, menus (.mnu), advanced plotting features using STB, CTB, and PGP AutoCAD configuration files, the same script format, and a command list you are used to working with, at 1/10th the price.

The new version includes new features such as an interface for the purge command and Qdim, quick dimensioning. A new Quick Group command lets you create entity groups with one click. You can edit text with the one click single line text edit utility, and utilize a new popup menu interface improved with toolbar icons on the side for quick command access. progeCAD now offers more than 300 new hatch patterns and the ALE Block Librarian now has over 11,000 industry specific blocks.

Other features of progeCAD 2009 Professional include Express Tools, ACIS solid modeling, photorealistic rendering, PDF, DWF, JPG and o2c printing, PDF to DWG import, Raster Image features, Raster to Vector conversion, Etrack, Polar Tracking, Redlining and Markup. An “AutoCAD like” interface for properties modification (Color, Layer, Text height, Lineweights, Line Type, Geometry, etc.) makes modifying entity properties similar to what you are used to and an eTransmit interface allows you to easily gather, compact and transmit DWG files by email.

Google Earth has become one of the most popular applications produced by the Silicon Valley giant, with many people spending hours in fascination at what they can learn using the tool. progeCAD 2009 Professional can now output your designs to Google Earth format, allowing you to import your models precisely within the virtual Earth, minus the neighbors rusty Ford parked in their front yard of course.

The vertical industry applications made available by  have been updated to work seamlessly with progeCAD 2009 Professional. Choose from progeCAM, a link between part design and CNC Machining, or progeEARTH, A Civil Survey add-on.

progeCAM includes both progeCAD Professional, and Dolphin PartMaster CNC, powerful CAM programming software for CNC mills, lathes or wire EDM machining. progeCAM offers machinists one integrated low-cost CAD CAM software bundle, linking seamlessly from within the progeCAD Professional window allowing you to transfer your drawing geometry from progeCAD into Partmaster for machining setup.

progeEARTH provides a low-cost alternative to otherwise high priced Land survey, coordinate geometry, digital terrain modeling, and corridor design software. Compatible with most Survey Data Collectors on the market, progeEARTH allows you to easily import your Survey point data, traverse and label points and lines, create contours and digital terrain models, and provide cut and fill calculations. A Road Design package is included including profiles, sections and backslopes.

The wealth of features and the uncanny resemblance to AutoCAD in progeCAD 2009 Professional will allow engineers, architects, designers and drafters to lower their CAD software and training budgets while still supporting the processes they are currently using. CAD users can open the same drawings, run the same menus and commands, with an almost non-existent learning curve by utilizing the compatibility of progeCAD 2009 Professional at 1/10th the price of AutoCAD.

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