New Application Offered to Maintain Oil & Gas Pipeline GIS Data

Maintaining accurate GIS data is essential for oil and gas pipeline operators.  This data is used in call-before-you-dig programs, maintenance projects, integrity management planning, federal regulatory audits, and a variety of other programs that are critical to our country’s energy infrastructure.

To help pipeline operators meet these needs, New Century Software has completed a major software initiative that has merged the functionality of a number of applications into the newly released Facility Manager 2008 software.  Facility Manager 2008 allows operators to perform a variety of centerline maintenance functions, including adding new lines, performing pipe reroutes, and merging pipelines, within their pipeline GIS.

One of the most notable achievements for this rollout was the integration of a graphical interface viewed through ArcMap and a tabular interface.  Based on an industry standard dual monitor setup, users can apply a number of sorting and filtering options, arrange data in multiple concurrent tables, and visually verify the data in question.

The application also allows for dynamic editing of domain tables and events.  This enhancement allows operators to make modifications to their existing pipeline data model without having to redeploy the application.

About New Century Software
New Century Software, Inc. provides enterprise GIS implementation, integrity management, data loading and management, asset mapping and reporting, and custom application development solutions for the oil and gas industry.  Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company has provided these services for many multi-national integrated energy companies and major pipeline operators. The company specializes in helping operators meet pipeline integrity management and data integration requirements.  For more information, go to For additional information, please contact Rob McElroy at (970) 267-2016 or email