Intuicom Releases RTK Bridge-C

Provides Radio Access to GPS/GNSS Network Corrections

Boulder, CO, December 10, 2008- Intuicom®, Inc., a leader in wireless data solutions, released the RTK Bridge-C™. Designed to provide Network RTK Corrections to radio-based GPS applications, the RTK Bridge-C provides a crucial communications hub in precision GPS applications.

Intuicom’s RTK Bridge-C provides radio access to the growing number of GPS/GNSS Networks that are being deployed throughout the US and worldwide. Until now, precision GPS application required special firmware and cellular modems to access Network RTK Corrections. Many applications in construction and precision farming did not support such networks. With the RTK Bridge-C, Network corrections are available to any GPS that previously relied upon a base station and a radio.

The RTK Bridge-C provides connectivity to Networked GPS corrections via cellular modem and then rebroadcasts the corrections through either an internal radio or any 3rd-party external radio, pushing corrections to construction sites, mines, farms, and project sites. The RTK Bridge C is the follow-on to the RTK Bridge-E® which provides radio access to network corrections over Ethernet lines.

The RTK Bridge-C:
• Reduces need for GPS Base Stations
• Reduces the costs of multiple cellular modems
• Supports legacy radio systems
• Improves productivity and efficiency

“The RTK Bridge-C provides the corrections the GPS applications need but have not been able to access over traditional radio links,” said Peter Miller, Director of Engineering for Intuicom, Inc. “This product solves a problem and can immediately contribute to higher productivity”.

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