Topcon’s New Rugged FC-2500 Controller Fast, Powerful

Waterproof unit features top-of-the-line camera, alphanumeric keyboard

Livermore, Calif. – November 13, 2008 – Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) introduces a revolutionary advancement in field controller technology with its new FC-2500.  The FC-2500 is designed to give users the most powerful field controller in the industry, in a rugged, waterproof design. 

With increased speed, storage and memory, and a 624MHz XScale processor, the FC-2500 is designed to speed up data collection with 256MB RAM and 2GB flash storage memory.  The FC-2500 also provides an advanced field controller feature, a 5.17 megapixel camera. 

Scott Langbein, TPS senior manager of product marketing, said, “The onboard digital camera can be used to associate photos with stored TopSURV points in a special ‘Photo Notes’ section.  For every topo shot, a photo and comments can be stored allowing for instant recall of a specific area of a job site.”

The FC-2500 has an add-on connection for a spread spectrum radio for communication with Topcon’s robotic total stations.  This connector used with Topcon’s RS-1 radio module provides a cable-free radio connection to Topcon robotic instruments.

“We know that land surveyors typically prefer an alphanumeric keyboard data collector,” Langbein said.  “The FC-2500 provides them with a 55-key alphanumeric pad, plus an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use eight-way joystick button to control the robotic systems.” Langbein said the FC-2500 was designed to be “glove friendly. No matter the weather, no matter the conditions, the FC-2500 will allow you to get the work done.”

He said, “The FC-2500 is ‘heavy duty’ and is completely waterproof and shock-resistant.  It’s rated at IP-67, which means it can be fully submersed in water without data loss.  The unit can be dropped many times, from up to four feet, on all sides, and keep on working without losing any data,” Langbein said. 

The USB mini-port has ‘On-The-Go’ (OTG) functionality.  OTG is one of the design features allowing for expanded memory and easy file transfer through USB flash drives or ActiveSync connection. This design also provides solid data protection. “The FC-2500 data can not be compromised by opening a card door,” Langbein said.

With two NiMH batteries loaded standard with 2500mAh each, battery performance can be as high as 50 hours. The typical power drain from a Bluetooth connection to a GPS receiver will run for up to 24 hours.  The FC-2500 has internal temperature monitors to prevent any unexpected high temperature issues so “overcharging” will not occur.

Features of the FC-2500 include: 
• 624MHz XScale processor;
• 5.17 megapixel camera and bar code reader;
• 256MB RAM, 2GB flash storage memory;
• Built-in wireless Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity;
• Windows® CE.NET 5.0 operating system;
• Add-on robotic radio design;
• 55 key alphanumeric keyboard;
• 8 way directional arrow and enter key;
• Easy access USB flash drive; and
• Accessible, rechargeable and hot swappable batteries.

Langbein said, “Topcon has taken the ‘wish list’ of customers and distributors and designed a field controller with features that users want in the field.   The FC-2500 is the most rugged and affordable field controller on the market today, and it has more advanced standard features than any other controller.”

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