TerraGo and BAE Systems Technologies Extend the Reach and Utility of Image Analysis Software

SOCET GXP Customers Now Able to Provide Remote Personnel Access to Large Format Images through TerraGo Software

San Diego, CA & Atlanta, GA – October 30, 2008 – TerraGo Technologies and BAE Systems, providers of geospatial collaboration software, announced today a collaborative agreement under which BAE Systems’ SOCET GXP® v3.0 customers can now easily create, mark up and export geographically rich image data and maps to a GeoPDF file directly from the SOCET GXP workspace. In addition, customers can purchase the Map2PDF for SOCET GXP software module used to create GeoPDFs directly from BAE Systems.
“One of the biggest challenges our industry faces is the ability to efficiently provide access to critical geospatial information among non-GIS users in the field, where receiving large data files can be difficult,” said Dan London, vice president, Geospatial eXploitation Products for BAE Systems. “By providing a means to create GeoPDFs that can then be used for advanced collaboration in the field with virtually anyone, we are helping customers to extend the use and utility of their SOCET GXP investment.”

The TerraGo® Map2PDF for SOCET GXP solution will allow for anyone with access to Adobe Reader to view, mark up, or configure geographic attributes (GeoMarks) contained in the image or map from a desktop computer. The PDF document maintains predominant features and coordinates, yet compresses the file to a size suitable for transmission via email, portable drive or shared network.
According to Rick Cobb, president and CEO of TerraGo Technologies, “We are pleased to join forces with BAE Systems as one of the recognized leaders in image and geospatial analysis software. Many of our joint defense and intelligence customers will now be able to more seamlessly share their geospatial assets with users in the field, regardless of their physical location and technology constraints.”

Government and commercial analysts use SOCET GXP to produce and deliver highly accurate mapping and intelligence data to the field for mission planning, disaster relief, land-use management, and transportation planning.

About TerraGo Technologies
TerraGo Technologies delivers software applications that extend the access and application of maps and images for non-GIS users and customers. More than 700 organizations, including many defense and intelligence agencies, utility companies, public safety departments, and environmental engineering teams, depend on TerraGo software. The TerraGo Publisher Suite® allows organizations to consume and optimize data from any source and create a geo-enabled PDF, also known as a GeoPDF®. The TerraGo Collaboration Suite® offers desktop, web-based and mobile software applications that automate geospatial collaboration and information gathering. When used in conjunction with TerraGo Composer®, customers are able to configure easy-to-use maps and images while embedding relevant business context, forms and workflows. With a strong ecosystem of partners, including Adobe, ESRI, ERDAS, Intergraph, BAE Systems and Trimble, millions of professionals use geospatial data that has been enabled by TerraGo in order to be more productive, improve quality and make better decisions. For more information, visit www.terragotech.com.