Non-metallic Safety Shoes

This isn’t really a news item, but it’s definitely helpful information to surveyors!
As I sat nursing yet another crushed toe (once again a victim of a manhole cover!)  I finally decided to do something about it.

I e-mailed customer service at Red Wing Boots to beg them to develop a non-metallic safety shoe.  Something that wouldn’t cause me to shuffle backwards, following a metal detector to the steel toe in my boots. 

Like many surveyors, I had given up on safety shoes deciding it was more convenient to crush a toe or five every once in a while than to never be able to use a metal detector.

I was pleased to find that Red Wing and some other shoe companies have been making composite (non-metallic) safety shoes for quite some time  (I hope I’m not the last to know!)

Since our predicament isn’t very common you probably won’t find them in stores, but composite toed safety shoes are available over the Internet or by ordering through a dealer. 
William G. Hackathorn, RLS
"The Boundary Hunter"