ERDAS Raises Radar Mapping to a New Level

Norcross, GA – ERDAS announces the industry’s most advanced radar mapping technology in the latest release of the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite. In the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite 9.3, ERDAS continues to focus on operational software, taking the best of developmental algorithms and implementing these into a user-friendly environment, easily accessible for both the novice and the expert user. With intelligent defaults and optimized processing, the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite is fully integrated into ERDAS IMAGINE, the world’s foremost solution for manipulating, processing and understanding imagery and vector data.

With over 15 years of experience in radar image processing, ERDAS continues to build partnerships with leaders in Radar worldwide. The IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite is currently being enhanced in collaboration with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). Recently, the DLR-created SRTM unwrap algorithm was incorporated into the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite. These new modules are flexible and can be customized to meet any organization’s needs.

“RADAR mapping offers a highly complementary alternative to traditional optical imaging and mapping methods, providing different perspectives on the Earth’s surface and information content that is unavailable in optical imagery,” said Brad Skelton, Chief Technology Officer, ERDAS. “The IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite provides specialized tools for processing radar data in a standard remote sensing or GIS environment.”

The IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite includes IMAGINE OrthoRadar, IMAGINE Radar Interpreter, IMAGINE StereoSAR DEM, IMAGINE InSAR and the newest module, IMAGINE Coherence Change Detection. IMAGINE Coherence Change Detection assists the analyst in detecting changes in interferometric SAR data. With tools for georectifying, filtering and calibrating radar images, analysts can derive elevation information regardless of cloud cover, day or night from stereo or interferometric image-pairs.

In the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite, analysts can save their radar data in any raster format, create color images to emphasize the magnitude of change, derive binary images to detect the most dramatic changes, create shapefiles for GIS applications and more. Utilizing the power of ERDAS IMAGINE, these tools are interoperable, supporting all raster file formats, with the ability to seamlessly connect your radar data to any of ERDAS’ portfolio of solutions and many other geospatial products.  

IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite supports a growing number of satellite sensors, including ERS-1, 2 and EnviSat, RADARSAT-1 and 2, TerraSAR-X (with one meter spotlight modes), ALOS Palsar and more. Data from other radar sensors is supported by a generic import interface.  In early 2009, ERDAS will add a D-InSAR capability and COSMO support to IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite.

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