JAVAD GNSS Offers Unprecedented Stimulus Package

Unprecedented Help for Surveyors to Build their Infra-Structure with Premium RTK System.
Javad GNSS Makes RTK Surveying a Reality for All

San Jose, CA – October 23, 2008

Dear American and Canadian Surveyors,

With the current economic situation, we understand that for a while, your business may not have as much work as before. We view this as an opportunity for you to use this time to upgrade your equipment and train on the latest technology.
Our American-made GNSS receivers contain technology that no one else offers. For example,
• JAVAD GNSS offers 216-channel receivers while the second best offer 76 channels. Furthermore, the 76-channel technology is based on designs which are at least six years old.
• By dynamically and continuously calibrating GLONASS signals to an accuracy of 0.2 millimeter, only JAVAD GNSS offers quality GLONASS tracking that is as good as GPS. Without our GLONASS tracking, other receivers provide no advantage for you or worse, may hurt your observations and you may not even notice it.
• Only JAVAD GNSS can offer Galileo tracking. No one else has it. They even do not have “memory code,” which is essential for Galileo.

To be a partner with you during this difficult time and help you upgrade your equipment to the latest technology—that can support you now and in the future—we offer the following program:
1. For a limited time, you can purchase as many as three receivers at economy-sensitive prices.
2. If you wish to purchase the unit(s) outright, you can buy our TRIUMPH-1 RTK receivers for $5,500 each.
3. For a lower cash-outlay, you can purchase our TRIUMPH-1 RTK receivers for $3,300 each now and then pay additional $6,600 each as your business recovers. This is an honor system with no questions asked. It is only YOU who will decide when your business has recovered and you are in a position to pay the rest. We believe in trust and partnership.

Each TRIUMPH-1 receiver in this offer can be used as base or rover for 1 Hz RTK and includes triple frequency GPS, integrated internal antenna, dual-internal rechargeable batteries (up to 20 hours of continuous work), Advanced Multipath Reduction in all channels, In-band Interference Rejection, WAAS/EGNOS, internal UHF modem, internal GSM, Blue Tooth, two serial ports, and USB. The receivers can be upgraded to include GLONASS and Galileo and many other features at low prices when you decide you need these enhancements.

As for data logging and post processing software, we offer our state-of-the-art Tracy and Justin software for an additional cost of $1,000 each. Carlson software is another option that you may obtain from us or from Carlson Software directly. 

We offer this program directly to you, or through our dealers who have agreed to participate with almost no profit to them. Our worldwide support system can assist you in ways that you have never experienced. Our policy is to support all customers within 24 hours for any problem they may have. With this offer, we will also provide a two month money back guarantee if, for whatever reason, you want to return the units. No questions asked.

In a return to the business days of yore, this is a no-collateral, handshake offer. From the bottom of my heart, I want to help rebuild the survey business in America. This is all about building partnerships. We are convinced that once you use our superior technology, we will be able to keep you as a future customer. As for our innovative win-win offer, I want to again stress that it is based on trust. For those of you who opt for option 3 above, when you make money with our equipment, you will be happy to pay us the remainder of the cost.


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