Flight Landata Wins U.S. Army Contract Extension for Aerial Imaging in Afghanistan

North Andover, Mass., USA, 21 October 2008 – The U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (Army TEC) has awarded a contract extension to Flight Landata Inc. of North Andover, Mass., for the continuation of aerial imaging services in Afghanistan. Since 2007, Flight Landata has been flying the BuckEye aerial imaging system to acquire ultra-high resolution imagery for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and mapping activities on behalf of U.S. military commanders in the region.

In addition to operating the BuckEye, Flight Landata develops and builds imaging systems, including the electro-optical (EO) version of the BuckEye that is being operated in Iraq, Afghanistan, and United States.  The BuckEye EO is a light-weight imaging system that can be flown aboard fixed wing, rotor wing, and UAV aircraft to acquire large-format natural-color imagery with centimeter-level resolution. Under the initial 2007 Army TEC contract, Flight Landata has provided a complete ISR/mapping solution to the U.S. military by managing all flight operations of the BuckEye system aboard the company’s aircraft.

“ISR missions are playing an increasingly important role in U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, and the Army recognizes that BuckEye provides critical support to those efforts,” said Tom Harris, President of Flight Landata. “Recognition of the unique BuckEye capabilities continues to grow in many sectors, and Flight Landata has expanded its resources in response to this growing need.”

Prior to the 2007 deployment, the BuckEye system had already earned its reputation as a mission-tested, combat-proven remote sensing solution in other U.S. military engagements. In 2006, BuckEye was recognized as one of the Army’s Top Ten Inventions. And more recently, BuckEye was named by C4ISR magazine as one of their top five sensors of 2008. Applications of BuckEye imagery in war zones have included photogrammetric mapping, change detection, and 3D terrain mapping.

Building on the BuckEye’s unique combination of mission-tested sensors, and combat-proven flight experience, Flight Landata has invested in developing and purchasing additional aerial imaging assets. The company is ready to deploy systems and aircraft anywhere in the world on short notice.

Flight Landata will be exhibiting BuckEye imagery and capabilities in Booth 1071 at the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation’s GEOINT Symposium being held Oct. 27-30, 2008, in Nashville.

About Flight Landata
Headquartered in North Andover, Mass., Flight Landata has been building, integrating and operating ultra-high-resolution aerial imaging systems for mapping and ISR applications since 1991. The privately held company leveraged its patented imaging technology to develop the Flight Landata BuckEye system in cooperation with the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) for combat deployment. The BuckEye system, additional sensor systems, contract aerial collection services, and image processing capabilities are offered by Flight Landata as professionally managed turn-key operations. Visit www.flightlandata.com.