Spectra Precision Introduce New Office Software Suite to Support Optical and GPS Survey Systems

Spectra Precision has announced the release of their next generation office software solution-Spectra Precision(r) Survey Office 2.0, software suite. The new version is suitable for processing and analyzing Global Positioning System (GPS) and terrestrial survey data recorded in the field, and exporting the survey data records to a CAD or GIS design package.

The announcement was made at INTERGEO 2008, the conference on geodesy, geoinformatics and land management. The Spectra Precision Survey Office software is configurable and easy-to-use. The user interface features options that are familiar to Microsoft Office users.
Users can drag-and-drop compatible files from a computer directly into an open project and the office software analyses the file to determine its type and how it needs to be processed. Visualization tools such as plan views, 3D views, time-based data views and session editors help users "see" the data in the context of the entire project.

Survey data acquired in the field using a total station and contained in a data file can be imported into the software and integrated as necessary with other data collected as part of a survey project, for example, GPS or level data.

The new version of the office software suite provides surveyors with the ability to import both optical and GPS data from existing surveys collected by Spectra Precision Field Surveyor field software. Users can also import data directly from a large variety of file formats and export point data as user definable CAD or extensible XML formats.

The new office software, designed for every day surveying tasks, also provides a secure and reliable desktop environment with built-in quality assurance and quality control features. The Spectra Precision Survey Office software provides surveyors and engineers with advanced technology, integrating common tasks into a single system.

Users can process and review Real Time Kinematic (RTK), Static, FastStatic, and stop-and-go kinematic data. Spectra Precision Survey Office also performs data reduction, computation, QA/QC and network adjustment. Control data can be exported to the field software for use in the field.

Three configurations of Spectra Precision Survey Office are available:
• No Dongle configuration is designed for transferring and reviewing terrestrial and GPS survey data.
• Basic configuration requires a dongle and is designed for transferring, processing, adjusting, and reviewing terrestrial and GPS (L1 frequency only) survey data.
• Complete configuration requires a dongle and is designed for transferring, processing, and reviewing terrestrial and GPS survey data.

In addition to the new office software, Spectra Precision offers a complete product portfolio including, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), optical total stations with data collection hardware and field software such as the Spectra Precision EPOCH 25 GPS System and the FOCUS 10 Total Station Series.

The EPOCH 25 System provides surveyors with a multi-purpose modular system. The system provides fast, reliable initialisations resulting in high-quality RTK and Static results. The compact and lightweight EPOCH 25 System handles drops, extreme temperatures, dirt and water. Surveyors can utilize the user friendly Spectra Precision Office Software for post-processing and quality control.

This multipurpose surveying tool has been designed to meet the everyday needs of surveyors. The EPOCH 25 System includes a Spectra Precision EPOCH 25 L1/L2 GPS base receiver and a Spectra Precision EPOCH 25 L1/L2 GPS rover including internal radio modem and battery. Application field software is designed to meet the survey applications specific to a geographical region, operating on either the Recon(r) or the Nomad(tm)
data collector.

Spectra Precision’s FOCUS 10 Total Station series features optical total stations that are fast, reliable and accurate. FOCUS 10 is a series of servomotor-driven total station models with three angle accuracies. Servomotor, Autolock or Robotic models are available, each with 1.5", 3" or 5" accuracy options. With the Autolock option, surveyors can focus on information being displayed. Autolock tracking technology eliminates the need to look through the telescope and no fine adjustments are needed to pin point the prism.

The robotic FOCUS 10 Total Station provides wireless communication between the rod and the instrument. This drives and manages measurements completely at the rod. With a FOCUS 10 Robotic Total Station, optical surveys can be performed with only one operator, again controlled by either the Recon or the Nomad data collector.