FME Enables Easier Access to AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data

New Read and Write Support Delivers Greater Flexibility for Conversion and Integration

Vancouver, BC, September 10, 2008 – Safe Software, the leader in spatial ETL (extract, transform and load), announced today that its software solution FME® offers full read and write support for AutoCAD® Map 3D object data. This functionality provides Map 3D users with a flexible solution for restructuring, integrating and sharing object data so this valuable information can be easily accessed and used by anyone who needs it.

AutoCAD Map 3D object data is a robust framework for associating attribution to graphical entities. However, getting this object data into a usable structure to meet requirements can be challenging and time-intensive. Now with FME’s AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data Reader/Writer, Map 3D users can easily restructure DWG and DXF files with object data into the precise data model and format required for integration with other geospatial data and for sharing with internal and external users. FME’s new reader/writer will enable Map 3D users to save time, reduce errors in data conversion and extend the value of their object data.

FME’s Map 3D Object Data Reader/Writer has already proven to be a valuable tool for organizations looking to leverage their object data. Recently, the City of Turlock used FME to introduce a new, time-saving process that helped to improve interoperability between their engineering and utility maintenance departments and streamline the maintenance of their sewer infrastructure data. With expert help from Safe Software reseller California CAD Solutions, the City used the reader/writer to convert Autodesk MapGuide® SDF files and associated attributes stored in Microsoft® SQL Server® directly into DWG files with object data, enabling the City’s engineers to easily modify the original drawings and generate accurate updated maps for the field.

"This new process is mission critical in that it prevents the field team from making high impact mistakes," says Dan Lourenco, IT Analyst for the City of Turlock. "With FME, we were able to reduce the number of steps and manual work required to convert and integrate our object data. What used to take multiple edits on paper now only takes two edits online."

FME is the first third-party solution to provide direct access to Map 3D object data. With FME’s capability to both read and write Map 3D object data, users can now easily convert data from over 200 GIS, raster, CAD, database, web and other formats into object data, as well as easily integrate AutoCAD drawings into other applications and systems.

"We introduced Map 3D object data support to FME in response to strong demand from our customers who wanted a better way to access this data," says Dale Lutz, Safe Software’s Vice President of Development. "We’re pleased to provide an easier and more flexible solution to help Map 3D users tap into the full value of their object data."

Safe Software will demonstrate how AutoCAD Map 3D users can better access and use their object data to meet their requirements in an upcoming webinar.

Unlock the potential of your AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data
Speaker: Dale Lutz, Vice President of Development, Safe Software
Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am PDT

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