CCGIS Map Gives Oil Companies First Peek at Facilities During Storms

C & C Technologies, Inc. (C & C) gives registered users a free means of tracking named storms in relation to their Gulf of Mexico assets in real time during clear weather and throughout storms such as Hurricanes Ike and Gustav with CCGIS Map™.

CCGIS Map™ is a Geographic Information System developed by C & C.  It focuses primarily on the oil and gas industry’s infrastructure and allows efficient access to real time Gulf of Mexico data to anyone with Internet access.

Users of CCGIS Map™ do not have to wait until after the storm’s passage.  National Hurricane Center storm positions are plotted as they become available.  You no longer have to wait days for a map.  You can watch the storm track in real time as it passes over Gulf of Mexico oilfield infrastructure.

To view the current CCGIS Map™ data from Hurricane Gustav in relation to Gulf of Mexico assets, please go to

If you would like more information about CCGIS Map™, please contact Ralph Coleman 1.337.210.0000 or by e-mail through