New SECO Offset Bar Perfect For Hard-To-Reach Locations

This simple solution is adjustable without affecting prism height 

Redding, CA — SECO introduced a new prism pole accessory today. The new Offset Bar (#5198-163) is used for getting access to places that are difficult to reach or for measuring sewer inverts in manholes. It’s great on odd surfaces at construction sites.

The Offset Bar is constructed of ½-inch thick, anodized aluminum and features a brass male 5/8 x 11 threaded post on one end and a female 5/8 x 11 threaded Heli-Coil on the other. The Offset Bar weighs just 1.15 lb (0.52 kg). The bar is adjustable to a width of 1 foot and features simple and easy locking.

The Offset Bar can be used with any standard survey prism pole with a detachable point on the bottom.  Simply unscrew the point from the bottom of the pole, put the Offset Bar in its place and then screw the point in to the female Heli-Coil side of the bar.

The Offset Bar is easy and quick to set-up and very accurate.

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