Tri-Global Technologies Unveils Mobile Utility Suite

Athens, GA, 8 September 2008 – Tri-Global Technologies LLC will introduce its new Tri-Global Mobile Utility Suite at the Partner Software Users Conference being held September 8-12 in Athens, Ga. The Tri-Global Mobile Utility Suite integrates the company’s popular UtiliMapper, BarcodeMapper and MobileStaker products into a single software package for use by mobile field personnel.

“The Mobile Utility Suite facilitates the sharing of field data among the three applications and makes it easier for our clients to use all three software solutions from a single installation,” said Mike Bellrose, Tri-Global’s Chief Operating Officer. “The integrated suite opens our solutions to a wider range of mobile mapping users in the electric utility, pipeline, oil and gas, municipal, and defense industries.”

Tri-Global Technologies develops innovative mobile mapping solutions by integrating advanced GPS and GIS technologies designed to enhance the efficiency of field personnel in the cable, electric, gas, water, telecommunications, public works, and pipeline industries. Tri-Global will be demonstrating the new product suite at the Partner Software User Conference.

The Tri-Global Mobile Utility Suite supports the entire Trimble® Mapping and GIS line, including the brand new “4 inch accurate” 2008 GeoXH™ and cellular modem capable Nomad™ 800X series and incorporates the following software applications, which are also offered as stand-alone products:
Tri-Global UtiliMapper software establishes direct communication between Trimble GPS-based mobile GIS field data collectors and Radiodetection Ltd. underground locator devices. UtiliMapper enables users to easily collect underground utility location and attribute data for mapping, maintenance and integrity modeling. This solution is now being deployed extensively in the electric utility, oil & gas, and telecommunications industries.
Tri-Global MobileStaker is a mobile field application for use by electric utility crews designing new service drops or power line installations. Embraced by electrical cooperatives and designed to work with the Partner Software suite, MobileStaker runs on most Trimble mobile GIS devices with integrated GPS mapping capabilities. During power line staking operations, the utility field crew uses MobileStaker to collect the locations of poles, lights, and other equipment that will be installed. The application provides highly accurate, real-time calculations of distance, bearing, and deflection measurements from any selected asset location.
Tri-Global BarcodeMapper integrates wireless barcode scanning and GPS-based mobile GIS technologies into a single solution that dramatically improves the efficiency of asset inventory projects for municipalities, utilities, and pipeline operators. BarcodeMapper allows users to quickly collect sub-meter location data and attribute descriptions for any indoor or outdoor assets that can be affixed with standard barcode labels.

In developing the Mobile Utility Suite, Tri-Global Technologies has added several new features that enhance the overall performance and utility of the applications. One new addition is the Inspection Module, which runs either as a stand-alone tool or add-on to MobileStaker. Inspection Module allows users to collect menu-drive inspection items and their location data either with barcode or GPS information. Developed for inside or outside inspections, the module also integrates with the Trimble Nomad to capture digital photos.

Another new capability, called the Navigator Module, allows users of Trimble mobile GIS devices to run TomTom® NAVIGATOR applications. Tri-Global designed this module to assist field personnel in finding assets more quickly. By locating an asset on their Tri-Global software screen, a field crew can then have their devices provide voice directions to navigate them to the asset location.

“Mobile field personnel are becoming more versatile regardless of the industry they work in, and as a result, they need a broader range of mobile applications at their fingertips,” said Bellrose. “The Tri-Global Mobile Utility Suite allows nearly any mobile field worker to do their jobs more quickly and accurately.”

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Headquartered in Athens, Georgia, with sales and support representatives across the U.S., Tri-Global Technologies LLC provides innovative GPS/GIS field solutions, software engineering and development, customized training, and data collection services to the oil & gas, utility, pipeline, telecommunications, transportation, agriculture, forestry, and public works industries. As the Trimble 2006 and 2007 Business Partner of the Year, Tri-Global is an authorized Trimble Developer and Trimble Representative offering sales, rentals and certified service/repairs for the complete Trimble Mapping and GIS product line.  The firm is also an authorized ESRI Business Partner, Panasonic® Toughbook™ Partner, Laser Technology Inc. and LaserCraft Inc. laser rangefinder solutions provider.