California Land Surveyors Association Professional Development Program

Last year, during my chapter visits as President Elect, members overwhelming voiced a need for professional development.  At each chapter I visited, the support for a professional development program, in one form or another, was nearly unanimous.  I relayed this information to the CLSA Board of Directors – they heard you and took action.  I am pleased to introduce you to CLSA’s Voluntary Professional Development Program (PDP). 

The PDP is intended to encourage and support the continued professional growth of land surveyors and recognize and reward their continuing education activities.

It is really easy to apply for the program.  The application form and instructions are on the CLSA website.  The application covers a two year period and requires 30 Professional Development Hours (PDH).  There are many ways to earn PDHs including attending conferences, seminars, chapter events, writing an article for a professional magazine (including the California Surveyor) and attending college courses to name a few.  What constitutes a PDH is outlined in the application instructions.

As I mentioned, this program is designed to recognize and reward your achievements. Those participating in the program will receive a plaque and a certificate from the CLSA along with permission to use the PDP logo on your letterhead, business card, website, etc.   My plaque looks great displayed in my office directly below my framed CLSA membership certificate!

At the July Board of Directors meeting we set an initial goal of 200 participants by January 1, 2009.  With over 1,650 licensed members this goal should be easily attainable.  I am asking each corporate member to step up to the plate and participate in this program. There is no need to wait until the end of the year. You can apply for any two year period for which you have the qualifying hours. As  professional land surveyors we have an obligation to stay current within the profession.  This program assists us in meeting that obligation.  You will certainly benefit, as will your clients and the pub lic.

I urge you all to start keeping track of your PDH’s and to participate as soon as you qualify.  I want to thank you in advance for that support and for your participation in the CLSA Voluntary Professional Development Program.  If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the CLSA Central Office or any CLSA Officer.

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Thank you,
James M. Herrick PLS 5616
2008 CLSA President