Topcon’s GR-3 Receives Sixth International Design Recognition

Livermore, Calif. – August 14, 2008 – Two years after its introduction, Topcon Positioning System’s (TPS) GR-3 multi-constellation receiver has received its sixth international design recognition for its innovative product design. The latest award for the GR-3 was awarded in July by BusinessWeek magazine – the 2008 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA).

Eduardo Falcon, TPS senior vice president of business development, said this "award culminates an unbelievable string of design awards for the GR-3. This easy-to-use receiver is one of the construction and survey industries most innovative and recognized products in the last decade."

The unique shape and component architecture offers many advantages:  Two hot swappable battery packs fit into an I-beam shaped magnesium chassis that protects the instrument in up to two meter drops; integrated multiple communication systems (GSM/GPRS, CDMA, UHF, SS915); the latest multi-constellation tracking technology; unique quick release system; AA battery holder for emergency operation; and a waterproof design.

The list of GR-3 awards includes:
• International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), 2008 – Silver 
The IDEA award is an industrial and product design award program run independently by the Industrial Designers Society of America and sponsored by BusinessWeek magazine to recognize innovative designs worldwide.

• Good Design Award, 2007 – Gold (Top 15)

The Good Design Award recognizes products designed to improve the quality of lives and advancement of industrial activity.  Operated by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization,  the Good Design Award stems from the Japanese Good Design Selection System (G-Mark),  established in 1957 by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry to promote the awareness and importance of quality and originality in product design.

• European International Forum (iF) Award, 2007
The iF design award recognizes trendsetters in architecture, product design and services and is one of  the world’s three leading design awards. With a 50-year history, the award program is operated by the International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover, Germany.

• red dot award, 2007
The red dot award recognizes products of the highest quality design.   Award-winning products are presented  annually in a special exhibition in the red dot museums in Germany and Singapore.

• Spark Award, 2007– Bronze
The international Spark Award recognizes designs that provide tools for better lives.  The award is the initiative of the Spark advisory council and community board with representatives from academia, media, marketing, advertising, design and industry.

• Pasadena Museum of California Art, 2007
The Pasadena Museum of California Art displays outstanding works in its prestigious design exhibition.

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