American Surveyor Adds Video to its Award-winning Content

Former stand-up comedian Gavin Schrock, the manager of the Washington State Reference Network, and the author of our popular RTN-101 series, kicks off the new video series.

Parlaying his comedic skills (particularly in Part 7), Gavin Schrock presents short, hilarious explanations of Real Time Networks. The series is up to Part 15, but Gavin has chosen to start his video production with the following (YouTube has a limit of around six minutes, hence the multi-parts):

RTN-101 Part 3A Rover Communications

RTN-101 Part 3B Rover Communications

RTN-101 Part-7A Correction Approaches

RTN-101 Part-7B Correction Approaches

RTN-101 Part 10A – NTRIP

RTN-101 Part 10B – NTRIP Client exercise

RTN-101 Part 10C – NTRIP Client continued

RTN-101 Part 14A – Mapping

RTN-101 Part14B – Mapping