Keson Industries Announces Professional Measuring Wheel

MP401E: Metal Professional Measuring Wheel— Large Digital Readout, A Steel Frame, & A Twist In The Handle

Aurora, IL, August 6, 2008– Capitalizing on the success of the Keson MP401 measuring wheel, Keson introduces the world’s toughest electronic measuring wheel: The MP401E. It is digital counter mounted on a professional-grade measuring wheel with three-quarter inch steel frame. The MP401E’s innovative swan neck handle (patent-pending) facilitates control and handling while eliminating wrist strain. In addition to a large digital readout, the MP401E’s numbers can be backlit, making low-light measurements simple. The MP401E is not only the world’s most durable measuring wheel, but also the easiest to operate and most comfortable to use.

Features include:
• Measurements in four scales—With the push of a button you can toggle through feet and inches, continuous inches, feet and tenths of a foot and metric read outs of your measurement.
• Reliable input system: magnetic sensors—Dust and dirt can disrupt light-based data pick up systems. Keson’s magnetic pick-up is immune to these problems.
• Counter size and placement—Keson’s huge digital counter is very well protected. With the handle up, it is nearly impossible for the counter to come into contact with the ground. With the handle down, the roll bar offers solid protection.
• The MP401E easily reduces to half its size for storage and portability. The barrel clasp and the handle clip make storage a snap. 
• Sealed counter encasement—Designed to NEMA Class II standards, Keson’s counter housing ensures that it will not be damaged by rain. In addition, you can safely clean the entire wheel with a damp cloth.
• Assembled, tested and molded in Aurora, IL.
• Calculates area.
• Stores up to 8 measurements in memory.
• 2-year warranty.

For additional information on our MP401E measuring wheels contact Jude Nosek or visit our website at

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