Traverse Kit Now Available from SECO

The kit is great for traverse or precise backsights

Redding, CA — SECO’s new Traverse Kit (#2159-01-GRY) includes a SECO 62 mm prism (#6400-10).  The prism canister is silver coated to resist fogging and features <5 arc seconds of beam deviation.  The adjustable tilt target has 0, -30 and -40 offset options. It’s also reversible; orange/white and black/white.  The prism system also includes a sighting collimator for precise pointing.

The kit comes with a rotating traverse tribrach adapter (#2153-10-GRY) that is compatible with a 24.9 mm bayonet base. The adapter has a 2.5X twist-focus optical plummet and a 60-second adjustable vial. It has a precision-machined axis that rotates 360 degrees.  The height is 100 to 120 mm and ‘over the point’ accuracy is 0.5 mm at 1.5 m.

Also included is a tribrach (#2153-04-GRY which features three-screw-leveling with center line, an 8-minute circular vial and a 5/8 x 11 base thread.
The kit comes with a bright orange hard shell case, which features high density foam padding, nickel plated latches and back pack straps.

The traverse tribrach adapter as well as a kit without a prism system (#2159-00-XX) can be purchased separately.  Adapters for other prisms are also available – see your SECO dealer for details.
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