Eagle Point Software Corporation Announces Release of SMI Construction 2008

Dubuque, Iowa – 7/29/2008 – Eagle Point Software Corporation today announced the release of its revolutionary SMI Construction 2008 field survey software. This is the latest solution in the SMI 2008 product line to be released. SMI Data Collection 2008 was released in March 2008.

Built to run on most devices running Windows Mobile and Windows CE, SMI 2008 allows land surveyors to operate it in whichever way they feel comfortable, whether it be from the device keyboard or the touch screen.

Although the user interface has been overhauled and hundreds of new features have been added, the original keyboard overlays from previous SMI versions remain intact along with more than 90% of the keystrokes surveyors are accustomed to using, allowing productivity to be realized within minutes.

"Using the SMI Data Collection 2008 platform as a base, SMI Construction 2008 provides the capability to view and edit horizontal and vertical control data, as well as templates, on screen so users can quickly validate they are staking the right information, protecting them from making costly errors," explains Loran Chick, Geospatial Product Manager at Eagle Point. "Additionally, the multiple stake options combined with sophisticated templates give users the flexibility to set grade stakes, slope stakes, bluetops, and ditch points on normal, widening, superelevated and skewed sections."

Along with the introduction of SMI 2008, Eagle Point is proud to once again provide free technical support for registered users of the current SMI version. Support is available from experienced surveyors and engineers via a toll-free phone number or email.

Pricing and Availability
SMI Construction 2008 is priced at $1900 per license and includes real-time collection staking for all total stations, including robotic instruments. GPS support can be added for a total of $2900 per license. It is currently available for sale with shipping to begin in August 2008. For more information, visit http://www.eaglepoint.com/smi2008pre