SECO’s Second Incite Brand Prism, a Front-Locking Prism Assembly, Now Available

This front locking prism assembly is so well built that it carries the standard SECO warranty

Redding, CA — The 3015-Series front-locking prism assembly is the second Incite branded prism assembly to be produced by SECO Manufacturing.

The 3015-Series features an all metal tilting holder with an improved brass front locking lever.  The anodized aluminum holder and fine-point steel target are designed for years of field service. The prism holder provides for 0 or -30 mm offset configurations and the target height is 115 mm.

The silver-coated, 58-mm prism is designed to withstand moisture, fogging and severe weather conditions. The fine optical glass is tested at SECO with a Zygo interferometer and rates a beam deviation of <5 arc seconds.  The prism is housed in an impact resistant, polypropylene canister.

The assembly is available in yellow (shown), fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange.

The prism canister, tilting holder and target are all made in the USA and come with SECO’s standard lifetime limited warranty.

SECO is now taking orders from distributors and dealers for the Incite 3015-Series front-locking prism assembly.

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