Use of Digital Geospatial Flood Hazard Data Policy

November 2007 – As the National Flood Insurance Program implements these new digital products and associated policies, our goal is to reduce the reliance on paper products. The policy is structured to allow the continued use of paper maps for those who prefer this method. However, for National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) stakeholders interested in adopting the new digital processes, this policy will enable them to take full advantage of the new digital maps FEMA is producing through our Flood Map Modernization Program. 

Within FEMA, we wish to transition to digital processes for distributing and reading the flood maps. These new digital capabilities of the flood maps will:
• Enable significant advantages in capability, precision, and cost;
• Reduce costs associated with paper map production, handling and storage; and
• Encourage the use of quality local data to make administration of the NFIP more efficient and effective.
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