SECO’s First Incite Brand Prism Now Available

SECO reintroduces the Incite 2050 Universal Tilting Prism Assembly

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing is now in the process of building and reintroducing several of the Incite products, the first of which is the 2050 Universal Tilting Prism Assembly.

The 2050 sports a full-size 58 mm silver-coated prism. Silver coating provides protection against moisture, fogging and severe climatic conditions.  The prism cube features a deviation tolerance of less than 5 arc seconds — SECO batch tests prisms with a new Zygo GPI-XP/D interferometer. The sealed canister is so tough that it’s included with the rest of the 2050 assembly under SECO’s lifetime limited warranty.

The prism canister, holder, yoke and locking target assembly are made in the USA of high-quality machined aluminum, stainless steel and brass. The target plate has both -30 mm and 0 mm offset capabilities — just screw the canister into the brass M-20 threaded hole on the backside of the plate for 0 offset. The height to the tilting axis is an industry-standard 115 mm.

The SECO Incite 2050 comes in fluorescent orange (see photo), fluorescent yellow and yellow.  The prism canister colors match the target plates for increased visibility.

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