Bentley’s Dr. Manoj Dharwadkar and Rahul Patil Receive FIATECH STAR Awards

Awards Recognize Special Contributions in Support of FIATECH’s ‘Accelerating the Deployment of the ISO 15926’ Project

Exton, Pa. – May 15, 2008 – Dr. Manoj Dharwadkar, Bentley director, technology management, and Rahul Patil, Bentley software engineer, have each received a FIATECH 2007 Superior Technical Achievement (STAR) Award. The award, which was presented at FIATECH’s annual Technology Conference and Showcase in New Orleans, is given annually in recognition of outstanding achievement by individuals working on behalf of FIATECH. Dr. Dharwadkar and Patil were both honored for their special contributions in support of FIATECH’s “Accelerating the Deployment of the ISO 15926” (ADI) project, and for playing a leading role in Bentley’s extensive work this past year on the ISO 15926 international standard for process plant information. A direct result of this work was Bentley’s introduction of OpenPlant, the first range of software products for the creation and management of plant infrastructure inherently based on the ISO 15926 standard. Dr. Dharwadkar and Patil also accepted, on behalf of Bentley, a FIATECH Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation (CETI) Award in the Lifecycle Data Management & Information Integration category, which the company won for its collaboration on the ADI project.

“Manoj and Rahul have demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to our organization at the expense and sacrifice of their valuable personal time,” said Dr. Richard H.F. Jackson, director of FIATECH. “The beneficiaries of that resolve are the many capital projects we initiated over the past year. Their contribution to the ADI project, for one, is magnified by the portions of the ISO 15926 façade Web services they provided, which Rahul developed as open source software, and the continued leadership on ADI subprojects by Manoj, who co-founded the ADI project.”

Jackson continued, “Our success is a testament to their hard work, and that effort has not gone unnoticed by their peers, who have nominated them for their superior technical achievements and invaluable contribution to accelerating standardization activities around ISO 15926.”

Dr. Dharwadkar joined Bentley in 1995 and has provided key leadership for architecting data integration and interoperable solutions based on industry standards. He has been involved with ISO 15926-related industry efforts for the past 11 years. Dr. Dharwadkar was the first software developer to create the new interface application with the WIP reference data system. He is currently on the Steering Committee of both FIATECH ADI and POSC Caesar Association Intelligent Data Sheets (IDS) projects. Dr. Dharwadkar earned his Ph.D. in Construction Engineering and Project Management from the University of Texas.

Patil joined Bentley’s Platform Technology Group as a software engineer in 2003. He has been an active member of the ISO 15926 industry group and has been involved in a wide range of ISO 15926 initiatives within Bentley. Patil has written interoperable software for the Reference Data System/WIP project and Bentley Class Editor. His leadership within RDS/WIP has been critical to its success. Patil holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Buffalo.

This marks the second year running that Bentley colleagues have been honored with a FIATECH STAR Award. At the 2007 FIATECH conference, Francis Rabuck, Bentley director, product research, received a STAR Award for his work leading the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element 4 area focused on achieving an Intelligent & Automated Construction Job Site. Additionally, Rabuck was recognized for leading the resurgence of FIATECH’s Smart Chips project, drawing on his vast experience and networks in the emerging technologies industry.

About OpenPlant
OpenPlant is a set of products completely built on the ISO 15926 data model that signals the next step in Bentley’s development history. By enabling this next phase of interoperability, OpenPlant helps organizations develop more sustainable designs and support innovation. OpenPlant products are open and deliver full collaboration between disparate systems; support distributed teams in single locations or spread over multiple offices; and enhance productivity by deploying the latest user interfaces and empowering engineers to share work seamlessly regardless of where they are located or what systems they are using.

Bentley’s first ISO 15926-compliant offering was its ProjectWise Lifecycle Server. At daratechPLANT2008, Bentley introduced OpenPlant PowerPID, the only commercial P&ID solution to be based on a completely open data model.

For more information about OpenPlant PowerPID, visit For more information about OpenPlant and to download a free whitepaper on ISO15926, visit

About the STAR Award
The STAR Award recognizes the Superior Technical Achievements of individuals who, working on behalf of FIATECH, have given “above and beyond.” Each year FIATECH honors those individuals through whose leadership, commitment, participation, and sacrifice of personal time, the capital projects industry has benefited. Without these individuals, FIATECH would not be the internationally recognized and respected organization that it is today.

FIATECH is an industry consortium that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of fully integrated and automated technologies to deliver the highest business value throughout the lifecycle of all types of capital projects. For more information about FIATECH, visit

About ADI
More than 30 FIATECH owners, contractors, equipment suppliers, and software providers are working together in the jointly funded ADI project, along with the POSC Caesar Association and DNV, to create a WIP ISO 15926 online reference data library. This library includes lifecycle information models as well as software interface tools for process industry lifecycle information integration.

About Bentley
Bentley Systems, Incorporated provides software for the lifecycle of the world’s infrastructure. The company’s comprehensive portfolio for the building, plant, civil, and geospatial verticals spans architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and operations. With revenues now surpassing $400 million annually, and more than 2,400 colleagues globally, Bentley is the leading provider of AEC software to the Engineering News-Record Top Design Firms and major owner-operators and was named the world’s No. 2 provider of GIS/geospatial software solutions in a Daratech research study.