Océ Showcases Advancements in Color, Dedication to Sustainability at IRgA Trade Show

U.S. Premiere of Revolutionary Océ Color Technology, Wide Range of Environmentally Conscious Products Take Reprographic Business Solutions Beyond the Ordinary

May 13, 2008, Las Vegas, NV – Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, will reveal its latest advancement in large format color printing technology and display its broad and deep footprint in large format printing and productive workflow software solutions in Booth #107 at the IRgA 2008 Annual Convention and Trade Show May 13-15 in Las Vegas, NV.  In addition, visitors to Océ’s booth will learn how the company’s longstanding commitment and unique approach to environmentally sound practices can help reprographic businesses meet their own sustainability goals and enhance their competitiveness.

Océ will unveil the Océ ColorWave™ 600 printer, a revolutionary advancement in large format color printing, which uses its new Océ CrystalPoint™ technology. This new technology combines the best of toner-based printing with the best of inkjet technology for all-around productivity for a wide range of applications in an entirely sustainable process.  It will enable reprographers to expand the most profitable part of their business allowing them to print more color applications in less time with extraordinary quality.

With its largest ever presence at IRgA, Océ will demonstrate its comprehensive range of industry-leading large format products in the areas of technical CAD color and GIS applications, multifunction monochrome solutions, display graphics printers and workflow automation software. This includes showcasing the new Océ CS2236 entry-level, very low volume color inkjet plotter and highlighting several of Océ’s most successful systems, including the Océ TCS500 color inkjet printer, the highly productive Océ TDS800 Pro Series systems, Océ Eco Design printers – the Océ TDS700 and Océ TDS450, the award winning Océ Arizona® 250GT UV curable printer, the Océ CS9160 and Océ CS9290 eco- and low-solvent printers, and Océ Repro Desk® Professional and ONYX® GraphicsPro workflow software solutions.

Extending the Océ presence beyond its booth, Peter Lawrence, Product Manager, Océ Wide Format Printing Systems division, and Tom Giglio, Executive Sales Director, Display Graphics Systems, Océ Wide Format Printing Systems division, will participate as panelists in two of the conference’s educational seminars. 

 “Océ is dedicated to providing our reprographic customers with innovative, industry-leading products that will help them profitably grow their business. We’re confident the introduction of our advanced large format color and display graphics solutions will take reprographers to the next level, helping them optimize productivity, profitability and sustainability,” said Sal Sheikh, Vice President of Marketing, Wide Format Printing Systems division of Océ North America. “As the movement to go green continues to gain momentum in the reprographic industry, Océ is proud to showcase solutions that demonstrate that green business is good business. We are committed to providing eco-friendly, sustainable equipment that’s capable of reliably producing the highest quality output.”

Ground-Breaking Technology Sets a New Standard in Large Format Color
Océ color printing systems are designed to deliver extraordinary quality at top speed for optimal efficiency.  These advanced systems enable reprographers to become more agile – printing more applications in less time – and more profitably by expanding the most lucrative part of their business.

Océ ColorWave 600 Printer
The Océ ColorWave 600 printer is the first product based on a fundamentally new printing technology called Océ CrystalPoint that combines the best of both toner and inkjet printing.  The Océ CrystalPoint process converts color Océ TonerPearls™ toner into a gel.  This tonergel is then jetted and crystallized onto any type of paper, producing crisp, waterfast, high quality images with extremely accurate dot placement.

With the Océ ColorWave 600 printer, customers can print both color and black & white on lower cost untreated and recycled paper at print speeds at least twice as fast as conventional inkjet systems.  This new printer also offers significant environmental benefits.  The solid Océ TonerPearls toner used in tonergel jetting releases no ozone, odor or fine powder.  Additionally, because it prints an even semi-gloss finish on uncoated paper, the technology reduces the use of paper coatings that can impact the environment.

New Entry-Level Plotter Delivers Large Format Color to Very Low Volume Users
Recognizing the unique needs of users in very low volume environments, Océ introduces a new entry-level inkjet color plotter to complement the existing Océ TCS color large format line of products.

Océ CS2236
This entry-level, thermal inkjet color plotter is designed for users in very low volume environments who demand high quality color output.  Suited for CAD line work, technical drawings and business/consumer graphics, the Océ CS2236 provides high quality printing with 2400 x 1200 dpi print resolution.  In addition, ONYX CAD-Pro v7 RIP software is included in the standard configuration delivering a single hot folder for every print quality with automatic file recognition for true “drag and drop” capability of HPGL, HPGL(2) and HPRTL files.   Océ predefined settings provide the user with one-touch printing and right-the-first-time results.

Large Format Solutions Match Evolving Business, Environmental Needs

Océ offers a broad range of large format monochrome and color systems that scale to fit each user’s unique business requirements for high quality technical document output and productive enterprise-wide workflow management. They also help reprographers operate in a sustainable way.

Océ TDS800 Pro Series
This integrated printing, copying and scanning workhorse is the industry’s leading large format technical document production solution.  The Océ TDS800 Pro Series is designed to meet the dynamic workflow requirements of any mid-to high-volume large format printing environment.  Keeping users’ sustainability goals in minds, the Océ TDS800 Pro Series complies with stringent  ENERGY STAR® requirements while minimizing ozone and toner dust.  It is also capable of printing onto 30% post-consumer waste recycled paper 100% of the time. A range of software options are offered for optimizing workflow, including Océ Repro Desk Professional software for reprographers and AEC users.

Océ TDS700
This highly configurable, multifunction system sets the benchmark for productivity and flexibility for mid-volume environments. Capable of nine D-size prints per minute and uninterrupted printing for more than 10,000 square feet without changing rolls, the Océ TDS700’s modular design meets users’ current demands while remaining upgradeable to meet future changes in workflow or business needs.  Manufactured with patented Océ Eco Design technology, the Océ TDS700 offers low energy consumption, a quiet operation, and low ozone and heat emissions. With the option to copy or scan-to-file in high quality monochrome or full color, its highly intuitive nature and integrated interface make the Océ TDS700 an optimal print/copy/scan solution for reprographic shops or facilities management applications.

Océ TDS450
This durable, entry-level system is available as a 600 dpi large format printer, copier or multifunction system. The Océ TDS450 is also another of Océ’s Eco Design printers, offering low energy consumption, quiet operation and low ozone and heat emissions. The Océ TDS450 is ideal
ly suited for both walk up print/copy environments and as a workgroup solution for businesses looking to upgrade the quality, productivity and reliability of their technical document workflow. Its flexible and configurable design, intuitive user interface and automated functions make the Océ TDS450 extremely user-friendly and time-efficient. A high quality monochrome scanner is available with optional full color scanning capability, making both monochrome and color scanning available in one easy-to-use system.

Océ TCS500
The Océ TCS500 large format multifunction system harnesses the power of concurrent processing, printing, copying and scanning to make it the most productive CAD and GIS large format color inkjet system on the market.  Highly intuitive, the system automatically optimizes print speed and print quality when printing lines, text and images in the same document – making it a great choice for printing detailed CAD drawings and complex GIS and technical files. A new in-line folder option extends the Océ TCS500’s productivity promise – enabling large format color prints and copies to be automatically folded, allowing users to run jobs ‘truly unattended’ and streamlining the distribution of technical color print sets.

Advanced Display Graphics Systems Enhance Digital Color Printing Output
Océ Arizona 250 GT with new Roll Media Option

The versatile Océ Arizona 250 GT UV flatbed printer offers breakthrough levels of quality, productivity and flexibility.  Based on an award-winning Océ-developed platform, the Océ Arizona 250 GT printer combines a true flatbed design and a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability.  It uses UV curable inks and Océ VariaDot™ imaging technology to deliver near-photographic image quality while reducing ink usage by up to 35% over 6-color systems.  By printing different sizes of ink drops, the need for light magenta and light cyan inks is eliminated.  The new Roll Media Option can be easily added without compromising the productivity of the rigid printing workflow – and there’s no down time to reconfigure the system to change from one print mode to another.
Shown with an automated contour cutting solution, the resulting Océ Streamlined Workflow system optimizes large format display graphics printing from prepress through finishing and enables reprographers to expand their business by accepting premium-priced contour-cut jobs.  With trimming bottlenecks minimized and material costs reduced, reprographers can confidently offer their clients consistent, high-quality finished graphics and reduced turnaround times.

Océ CS9160
The new Océ CS9160 is a high quality, environmentally safe, and easy-to-use 64-inch wide printer that offers the ability to produce both quality indoor and outdoor durable prints. It is ideal for those just starting in the digital printing industry and for print providers using aqueous technology that want to start offering high quality outdoor prints.  Eco-solvent inks used in the Océ CS9160 provide the outdoor benefits of solvent inks while making it possible to use the printer in a print shop environment without the need for an air purification system.  It offers outdoor printing with the ease of use of an aqueous indoor printer with operator maintenance limited to only five minutes per week.

Océ CS9290
The new Océ CS9290 is an 88-inch wide low-solvent graphics inkjet printer offering production print speeds and high quality output.  Four print modes suit the production needs of nearly any display graphics application – from a 720 x 720 dpi resolution High Quality mode at print speeds of up to 155 square feet per hour to a High Speed print mode (360 x 360 dpi) at print speeds of up to 862 square feet per hour. 

The Océ CS9290 offers superior ink economy and print quality through the use of Océ CS9000 VariaDot imaging technology and WAVE Stitching PLUS print modes. Océ CS9000 VariaDot imaging technology produces dots with variable drop sizes to deliver finer details, smoother gradients and sharper images with significantly lower ink usage.  WAVE Stitching prints in ‘waves’ instead of straight bands resulting in higher print quality, improved productivity and increased media versatility.

Innovative Workflow Software Solutions Provide Productivity “On Demand”

As an end-to-end solution provider, Océ is committed to providing integrated software applications that streamline digital workflow and deliver optimized document management and distribution solutions for their reprographic customers.

Océ Repro Desk Professional Software v.2.1
With its most current release, Océ Repro Desk Professional software continues to be the only AEC reprographics solution that automates the production process from an analog job-based to digital task-based workflow while enabling reprographers to grow their print volumes by leveraging the market’s shift to decentralized printing. New for 2008 are color support for the Océ TCS500 and Océ ColorWave 600 printers, Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2007-2008 support plus Océ Location Center and Océ Dashboard tools. Océ TCS500 and Océ ColorWave 600 color driver technology separates color AEC drawings from black & white sending color AEC files to the Océ TCS500 or Océ ColorWave 600 printer and black & white jobs to an Océ monochrome device. Océ Location Center allows multi-location reprographers to easily coordinate production between shops. Océ Dashboard provides the shop manager with visibility to the status of printers, jobs, and media providing current equipment utilization. Océ Repro Desk Professional software isolates time-consuming activities allowing reprographers to maximize the output capacity of their printing equipment and lower operating expenses.

Océ Eco Design Technology Helps Reprographers Achieve Sustainability Goals
Sustainability has been part of Océ’s DNA for the past 130 years. This includes an innovative three-tiered approach to supporting sustainability: 1) Create and design sustainable products; 2) Utilize environmentally conscious manufacturing; 3) Enable customers to operate in a sustainable way (i.e. print at lower heat, produce the least amount of detectable ozone, be compatible with 30% post-consumer waste recycled media).

In addition, many of Océ’s large format printers use unique, patented Océ Eco Design technology that helps customers achieve their sustainability goals. Printers using this technology distinguish themselves from conventional printers by complying with the more stringent 2007 ENERGY STAR requirements – setting them apart from similar competitive products – and by their extremely low energy consumption, quiet operation and low ozone and heat emissions.

Using just one Océ Eco Design printer, versus a comparable competitor’s printer, can result in a pollution reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO) and more.

Océ’s commitment to sustainability has been expanded in its new Océ CrystalPoint color technology.  The solid Océ TonerPearls toner used in its tonergel jetting release no ozone, odor or fine powder making it ultra-low in emissions, and it produces high quality color and black & white prints on recycled paper.

Educational Seminars Highlight Best Practices, Industry Trends
Extending its presence at IRgA, Océ executives will participate in executive-level educational seminars that explore how today’s reprographers can harness advanced technologies to grow their business.

“The Construction Technology Playing Field”, Thursday, May 15, 1:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.: Peter Lawrence, Product Manager, Océ Wide Format Printing Systems, will lend his industry expertise to this panel presentation discussing the
evolving technology needs within today’s construction industry, including opportunities for reprographers to expand their service offerings to this growing market segment.

“Flatbed Best Practices”, Thursday, May 15, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.: Tom Giglio, Executive Sales Director, Display Graphics Systems, Océ Wide Format Printing Systems, will participate as a panelist in this educational seminar dedicated to exploring how advancements in flatbed color printing are creating new opportunities for reprographers, including best practices from those who have seen success deploying this technology.

Product Availability

All of the aforementioned systems and solutions will be featured at Océ booth #107 during the IRgA 2008 Annual Convention and Trade Show.  All products except the Océ ColorWave 600 printer are available now.  Shipments of the Océ ColorWave 600 printer will begin in the US in the fourth quarter of 2008. For more information, call Océ at 800-714-4427 or visit www.oceusa.com.

About Océ
Océ N.V. is a leading international provider of digital document management technology and services.  The company’s solutions are based on Océ’s advanced software applications that deliver documents and data over internal networks and the Internet to printing devices and archives — locally and around the world.  Supporting the workflow solutions are Océ digital printers and scanners, considered the most reliable and productive in the world.  Océ also offers a wide range of display graphics, consulting and outsourcing solutions.

Océ employs around 24,000 people, with 2007 revenues of approximately $4.6 billion, operates in more than 90 countries and maintains research and manufacturing centers in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Romania and Singapore.  Océ North America is headquartered in Trumbull, CT, with additional business units in Chicago, IL; New York City; Boca Raton, FL; Salt Lake City, UT; Coventry, RI; and Vancouver, BC.  North American revenues represented approximately half of Océ’s worldwide business in 2007, and employment is currently 11,000.  For more information about Océ, visit www.oceusa.com.  Outside the U.S., consult www.oce.com.