KS Receives Safety Award for No Lost-Time Injuries for Third Straight Year

May 1, 2008 – For the third year in a row, KS Associates has received "The 100% Award" from The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce Safety Council. The award is designed to recognize companies that work the entire year without a lost-time injury — a work-related injury/illness where the affected person is unable to complete the next shift.

“From spot checks in the field, to monthly meetings and distribution of educational materials, KS Associates works hard to keep safety top-of-mind with all employees," said Amanda Clancy, Human Resource Manager. "Our training and awareness programs are designed to address employees who work in potentially hazardous field environments, as well as those who work in an office setting.”

The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce Safety Council is one of more than 50 Ohio Safety Councils dedicated to increasing safety awareness through training and educational programs. Each year, the Council conducts a Safety Awards Program to recognize companies that have developed and maintained safe workplaces for their employees.

To participate in the Lorain County Safety Council, companies must submit periodic reports on various safety-related practices and issues, such as fire prevention, accident-reduction measures, and other health and safety issues.