SECO’s New 12-Foot Telescoping Quick Lever Poles Extremely User Friendly

This new pole features Quick Lever and QLV™ locking and two different graduation styles

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated is now offering its new QLV pole in 12-foot (3.65 m) versions. Three new American-made pole models are coming to SECO dealers.

The poles feature the popular new QLV locking mechanism with built-in 40-minute vial.  This new, innovative locking system is completely accessible; the vial is adjustable from the top for quick calibration and the pole’s positive locking tension is easily set with an Allen wrench.

Two of the poles—the #5801-20 dual graduation and the #5821-20 with metric only grads—feature SECO’s new lightweight metal hybrid adjustable tip. The #5813-20 features a traditional SECO fixed tip.
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