SECO Adding a New Nodal Point Prism Assembly to Its Inventory

This versatile system can be set to one of three prism offset positions, including nodal

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated is adding a new nodal point prism assembly to its inventory of quality prism products.

The new nodal point prism assembly (#6400-10) offers a 62 mm, silver-coated canister. The prism has a <5 second accuracy.  The prism can be set in three different offset positions: 0, -30, and -40 (nodal).

The reversible target is orange/white on one side and black/white on the other; it’s a quick and easy step to switch between the two.

Another great feature of this assembly is the peep site on top of the yoke. It’s great for quickly pointing toward the instrument.

The height to the center of the glass is 0.33 ft (100 mm).
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