Topcon GX-60 control box, MC-R3 GNSS controller integral to 3D-MC2 technology

Livermore, CA – A new faster, lighter and smaller control box – the GX-60 – was originally introduced by Topcon Positioning Systems as a component in Topcon’s X63 indicate system for excavators. The unique control box has since been made available for other 3D-GPS+ systems on dozers, graders, scrapers, and compactors.

Now, coupled with the new MC-R3 GNSS controller, the new components are integral to Topcon’s 3D-MC2 technology, announced at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008 trade show in Las Vegas.

The revolutionary 3D-MC2 technology can increase dozer speed for grading up to 200 percent, the company announced at the show.

The GX-60, 50 percent lighter than previous control boxes, operates with a 650 MHz Celeron™ single-board computer. The Windows® XP operating system and internal flash drive provide fast computing power for large job files.  Other features include sealed membrane power on/off buttons, Bluetooth™ wireless technology (the only Bluetooth control box in the market), and a front-access USB port with dust cover.

It is also smaller in size, making it easier to install in tight machine cabs. Additionally, it has more computing power than the previous models, larger design files, has fast 3D contour loading and improved cut/fill mapping.
The GX-60 is designed with a vivid color display with automatic brightness control that provides operators with a clearly visible display of important grade control information, said Steve McCain, TPS machine control product manager.
He said the MC-R3 is a multi-constellation-capable receiver and has increased controller power that makes control such as the 3D-MC2 possible. It also has an optional removable magnet mount for easy switching from machine to machine.

The unit also has built-in integrated cellular and digital radio technology.

The GX-60 and the MC-R3 replace Topcon’s 9168 control and MC-2.5 controller respectively.

About Topcon Positioning Systems
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