SECO Now Offers Eight Different Fiberglass Builder’s Rods

These rectangular fiberglass rods are waterproof and nonconductive.

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company is now offering quality fiberglass builder’s rods.
These economical rods are both waterproof and nonconductive; they are easy to use and easy to clean.  The eight different models vary in height from 8 feet to 20 feet and are graduated in 10ths or Feet/Inches.

They are designed so that most major sensor clamps will fit. No special brackets are required. 

Perfect for construction measurements, these rods have a wide, easy-to-read standard scale pattern. There are no dead spots anywhere on the rod.

Each has a 1/4 x 20 threaded hole at the top for use with a SECO #2131-02 adapter (sold separately) for mounting a prism with female 5/8 x 11 threads.

For more information, see your SECO dealer, or go to