Diamondback Introduces the New Surveyor’s Package

A Custom Truck Bed Solution Designed for Use with Diamondback® Side Toolboxes and Truck Bed Covers

Phillipsburg, PA – DiamondBack Truck Covers has just introduced the Surveyor’s Package – one of several customized truck bed solutions for the work truck industry. Designed for use with the DiamondBack Side Toolboxes and Standard Edition (SE) truck bed cover, the Surveyor’s Package includes the Range Pole/Hot Stick holder on the toolboxes. The toolboxes provide the perfect place to store and organize surveying rods, measuring tapes, levels, compasses, distance measuring wheels and more, keeping everything at an arms reach. 
The DiamondBack Side Toolboxes are open tool bins that mount to the underside of the DiamondBack Truck Cover. Unlike standard cross-boxes, these custom toolboxes allow the user to store tools at the edges of the truck, keeping tools and supplies within reach.  These no-drill custom toolboxes are sealed on top with the panels of the DiamondBack Truck Cover when closed and are available in several lengths: 24-inch boxes are provided for an 8-foot bed, 18-inch boxes for a 6.5-foot bed, and 15-inch boxes for a 5.5-foot bed. 

About DiamondBack Truck Covers
DiamondBack Truck Covers manufactures the DiamondBack HD, ATV Solutions systems, Commercial Solutions systems, the Standard Edition (SE) Cover, and the new Rhino Cover. DiamondBack Truck Covers delivers the most versatile truck bed solutions available today for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda offering a hauling platform capable of supporting between 400 and 1600 pounds (depending on the model), as well as a full line of truck bed accessories.

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