Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Feb 2008

Editors Corner:
Competence and the State of Education
By Marc S. Cheves, LS
Point to Point:
The HSA Advantage
By Joel Leininger, LS
A Private VRS Network Takes the Strain Out of Phoenix Surveying
Subscription networks are rapidly becoming a fundamental utility.
By Craig R. Dylan
Laser Scanning: DARPA Urban Challenge
Scanning innovations and artificial intelligence bring participants to the edge of their seats.
By Bruce Jenkins
Worried About the Future of Surveying? Not a Problem in Florida!
Focused and well-organized efforts have rejuvenated the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society and bolstered surveying education in the Sunshine State.
By Marc Cheves, LS
Education in Crisis: The Elephant that No One Sees
Is the lack of students’ math abilities just the tip of a socialized education iceberg?
By Barry F. Kavanagh
Distance Learning: Something for Everybody
An Arizona surveyor works with Old Dominion University in Virginia to further his education.
By Thomas A. Liuzzo, LS
Survey Reports: Preparing a Survey Report–The Focus
Here’s a valuable guide to creating clear explanations of boundary decisions.
By Knud E. Hermansen, PhD, LS, JD
Campus GIS Will Improve Public Safety at LSU
Valuable GIS data will one day enhance safety throughout Baton Rouge.
By Douglas Drummond
Test Yourself:
Where’s the Archilochus colubris?
By Richard L. Elgin, PhD, LS, PE
Vantage Point:
Walking the Line
By Wendy Lathrop, LS