Schneider Becomes Recertified as a MICCS Safety Partner

Indianapolis, Indiana (February 13, 2008) – The Schneider Corporation was recently notified by the Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS) that for the second year it has met the standards to be a Certified Partner. MICCS is an Indianapolis-area organization which promotes the adoption of safety-related industry standards that are more stringent than many other safety rules and regulations, such as OSHA. In 2007, Schneider’s safety statistics were considerably better than the numbers that MICCS requires for their certified partners.

As an industry leader, Schneider was the first engineering firm to take the initiative to become certified by MICCS. Schneider’s president, Tom Vanneman, at a company meeting last summer, announced Schneider’s resolve to have zero worksite accidents through 2008 and so far the company is on track to meet that goal.

“We pride ourselves on our safety record, but above all, we believe our employees are our greatest asset and we care about their well-being,” said Vanneman. “We extensively train every employee on the importance of safety and how to stay safe, both in the field and in the office, but we also put the expectation on employees to accept personal responsibility for the safety and well-being of themselves and others”

Vanneman went on to say that proper safety practices and procedures like what Schneider adheres to can help keep bonding lower for developers and municipalities, saving money on projects. It can also help those clients to meet their own safety requirements.

In their commitment to safety, Schneider is one of the only engineering firms to employ a full-time safety coordinator dedicated to educating employees and ensuring safety always comes first.

About Schneider
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