General Message to All GPS Users Regarding SVN23/PRN32

The GPS community gained approval to set SVN23 (PRN32) usable. Based on current planning, SVN23 (PRN32) will be set usable on JDAY 050 (19 Feb 2008). This will be the first time that PRN32 will be used by an operational GPS satellite.
A Notice Advisory to NAVSTAR Users (NANU) will transmit NLT 4 days prior to the projected usable date/time.

If necessary, additional NANUs will notify users of any changes to this plan.
Anyone experiencing problems or having any current concerns with PRN32 should contact the appropriate agency listed below.

Point of Contact
Civilian – NAVCEN at 703-313-5900,
Military – GPS Operations Center at, DSN 560-2541, Comm 719-567-2541,,
Military Alternate – Joint Space Operations Center, DSN 276-9994, Comm 805-606-9994,