SECO’s New Pin Pole w/Sliding Mini Prism and Alligator-Clamp Tripod

This new system is ideal for construction stakeout or topos

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company introduced two new products today, a small, portable pin pole and prism system and a new alligator-clamp tripod.  The 12-mm O.D., aluminum pin pole breaks down in to three sections for easy storage.  The sections are painted in alternating 10-cm red or white blocks.  The bottom section includes a replaceable stainless steel point.

The system features a sliding, 25-mm, silver-coated mini prism assembly that easily moves up and down the pin pole.

All items—including an accessory kit with prism plumb bob hook and cone for handheld applications—fit neatly inside an included system bag.

This new system works perfectly with the new alligator-clamp tripod.  This lightweight tripod features a swiveling ball-and-socket head for smooth and easy leveling.

The rubberized jaws on the alligator clamp will firmly hold poles up to two-inches O.D.  Telescopic legs extend between 2.62 and 4.17 ft (80-127 cm).

Orders from retailers are now being accepted for both new products. 
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