Safe Software Certifies Top FME Experts

Vancouver, BC – November 13, 2007 – Today Safe Software granted official “FME Certified” accreditation to FME experts from around the world. These individuals are the first to be formally assessed and recognized as part of a new FME Certification Program that is designed to identify training and consulting professionals with deep FME expertise and a proven record of high quality service.   

More than 50 individuals in 17 countries have received designation as FME Certified Professional and/or FME Certified Trainer. These highly qualified experts can now reap the benefits that professional accreditation offers.

“Peaklane Solutions is proud to be recognized as part of the FME Certification Program. This program is yet another initiative from a vendor who has continually provided top-level support to its customers, partners and user community. Certification is a great opportunity for a consultancy such as ours to further strengthen our reputation and demonstrate to customers our ongoing commitment to delivering high quality, innovative solutions using FME technology.”
Emil Vulin, Director, Peaklane Solutions

“We are delighted that David Eagle’s deep product knowledge and expertise has been formally recognized by Safe. Our FME training courses are already very popular, and this accreditation can only help by reassuring customers that they are being trained by the very best."
Duncan Hill, Commercial Director, Dotted Eyes Ltd.

"SWECO’s vision is to be recognized as one of Europe’s most respected providers of consulting services in the fields of engineering, environmental technology and architecture. This important accreditation provides us with a new way to establish and validate our credibility in the market as high quality service providers with a deep level of FME expertise."
Ulf Månsson, Project Manager, SWECO

Certified individuals represent a variety of training and consulting organizations, including: AED SICAD, Alaska Map Science, Beijing Antu, California CAD, Consortech, con terra, Dotted Eyes, ESRI, Front Point Consulting, GIS Innovations, GISTEC, INSER SA, Intergraph, Irish Mapping + GIS Solutions (IMGS), Lagen Spatial, Lantmäteriverket/Metria, LogicaCMG, Navigate, NENCA, Pixel Softek PVT., Red Geographics, SWECO, TYDAC and Veremes. A list of FME Certified Professionals and Trainers is available at   

“We are thrilled to be able to formally recognize the high quality FME expertise of service providers around the globe, said Don Murray, Safe Software President. “The new FME Certification Program offers these FME experts another way to foster credibility and a competitive edge in their industries. It also helps Safe Software customers identify who they can rely in their local market for the highest standard for FME expertise and service.”

To learn more about the FME Certification Program and how to apply, visit

About the FME Certification Program
The Safe Software FME Certification Program is a technical skill credentials program that identifies high quality, knowledgeable FME consultants and trainers. There are two designations available: FME Certified Professional and FME Certified Trainer. Individuals who receive these prestigious designations have demonstrated deep expertise in FME and the ability to meet the quality standards set by Safe Software. Visit for more information.

About Safe Software
Established in 1993, Safe Software is the maker of FME, the only true spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) platform that enables organizations to use and leverage spatial data in any format or application. Today, FME is used by thousands of customers in over 116 countries in a wide variety of industries.

FME provides the most extensive format support and powerful transformations to help organizations efficiently address the complete spectrum of spatial ETL tasks – from data translation to integration to distribution. Used by most GIS, CAD, ETL, and DB vendors, FME has emerged as the de facto integrated spatial ETL solution. FME is available in desktop and server solutions, and is also easily integrated into third-party CAD and GIS solutions, as well as most IT environments. Visit for more information.