Precision Introduces Lightweight Data Collector, DC50 Field Assistant

Provo, UT. – Nov 5, 2007 – Precision Surveying Solutions recently released the latest addition to their product line, the DC50 Field Assistant, a lightweight version of the DC50 for $1195. The DC50 Field Assistant is the world’s lightest full keyboard data collector, a mere 9 ounces, and boasts a battery life of a month. 

The DC50 Field Assistant has the same robust software package included with Precision’s flagship DC50, but forgoes a ruggedized case, a default robotics package, optional internal radios, and future GPS upgrade capability.  It was designed specifically for the cost conscious surveyor working with non-robotic total stations.

Even without all the bells and whistles one would get with the DC50, the Field Assistant has a lot to offer.  Battery life on the Field Assistant is extraordinary, lasting up to a month under normal usage. The data collector is based on Hewlett Packard’s most advanced scientific graphing calculator, the HP50g+. The HP50g+ contains a built in 203 MHz ARM processor, the same processor that runs most of the mobile devices in the world. Over 7000 points can be regenerated in less than a second, faster than most desktop CAD tools. Up to a 2GB SD card memory capacity can store virtually a life time of surveying data and allows simple data transfer to desktop CAD tools.

The Field Assistant can also be upgraded as your needs expand.  A robotics package is optional, and the Field Assistant is upgradeable to the full DC50.  There is no time limit on the upgrade option, so you have the ability to grow the data collector at the same pace as your business.

The DC50 Field Assistant is a superb option for the surveyor looking for a full keyboard data collector that is both light weight and battery efficient.  With the lower price, the Field Assistant is also a great choice for a spare data collector for use in the field and the office.  To learn more contact your local dealer or visit 

About Precision
Precision Surveying Solutions LLC makes instrumentation for land surveyors and civil engineers. The DC50 data collection product line makes a surveyors’ work move faster. For more information on the company and their products, see