Carlson Software To Host Regular Civil Webinar Series

Reserve Thursdays at Noon (EST, US) to learn about the civil software that helps users to do more in less time with better design

Maysville, Ky. —  As part of its “Try It, You’ll Like It” campaign for the Carlson Civil Suite, Carlson Software is hosting a Thursday series of webinars to allow people to see for themselves the many ways Carlson’s civil software solutions can work for them. Each will be held at noon, US EST, and last one hour.

Carlson is convinced that once users try to Carlson Civil 2008, and its companion products of Carlson Survey, Carlson Hydrology, and Carlson GIS, they will be amazed at the power these intuitive, workable, user-friendly and productive software products provide. To allow land development professionals to see for themselves, Carlson is both hosting these regular civil webinars to have it seen in action and also offering the package at the much-reduced price of $1995 (regularly $3500) to allow people to get started now.

“We are making it easier for those in the market for effective, productive civil software to see how they will be able to do more in less time and with better design with Carlson’s comprehensive civil engineering solutions,” says Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software.

The upcoming Thursdays @ Noon webinar schedule includes:
“Urban Hydrology for Storm Sewers” on Nov. 8 [],
“Plan and Profile Sheets in Carlson Civil” on Nov. 15 [],
and, following the Thanksgiving break,
“Carlson Civil LotNet—a ‘Monster of a Program’” on Nov. 29 [].

See how you’ll be “Singing in the Rain” if you use Carlson Hydrology to design your urban storm sewers on Nov. 8 as Carlson Software Founder and President Bruce Carlson and Dave Carlson, VP of Development for Carlson Software, illustrate Low Point Detection, Rainfall Events, Pipe Design, collision Detection, Inlet Selection, Bypass Flow, and Gutter Depth and Spread. The Carlsons will demonstrate Carlson Hydrology’s exclusive attributes that produce accurate calculations for all large and small storm sewer networks – actually does the work for you with layer-based runoff coefficients, inlet and pipe flow calculations, and input, edit, report and draw functions for a variety of hydraulic structures.

On Nov. 15, learn how effective and dynamic your design can be with the Profiles, Centerlines, Pipes, Cross Sections and more settings in Carlson Civil 2008 in this webinar conducted by Carlson Civil Team members Gary Rosen and Ladd Nelson.

Attendees will see how they can quickly generate Profiles of existing conditions in a variety of ways and even explore “what if” design ideas with a simple drag and drop. Learn more about Carlson Civil’s Centerline tools that allow users to create points by station-offset, labeling and reporting station-offset positions. You’ll see how Carlson makes it possible to design and draft pipe runs directly on a road profile or based upon a polyline in plan view.

And, on Nov. 29, see why Carlson calls the exclusive LotNet in Carlson Civil the LotNet “monster.” The program’s comprehensive, easy-to-use tools for creative area lot layout, design, editing, reporting and labeling make it fun to design a subdivision. It is so responsive, you can actually design with the developer looking over your shoulder. With Carlson Civil (and LotNet is also available in Carlson Survey), your subdivision layout can be road-based or area-based. It’s quick and easy to make changes, such as lot size, setbacks, and more. And every lot you create can be edited manually to meet your precise specifications, with every change dynamically updated in real time.

Carlson’s “Try It, You’ll Like It” campaign with continuing Thursday webinars and the reduced Carlson Civil Suite package rate will run through the end of 2007. Sign up now to see the many ways Carlson Civil streamlines the steps to get even the biggest jobs done quickly, accurately, and with better design.

About Carlson
Founded in 1983, Carlson Software specializes in CAD design software, field data collection, and machine control products for the surveying, civil engineering, construction, and mining industries worldwide, providing one-source technology solutions from data collection to design to construction.

For more information about the upcoming webinars, go to and click on the webinars link on the right-hand side. To learn more about Carlson Civil and its related software products or for information about a Carlson reseller near you, call 800-989-5028 or visit