RICS Americas Attracts Real Estate Elite to Board and Membership from North America and Caribbean

Top Professionals from Cushman & Wakefield, Grubb & Ellis and Deloitte Consultancy Added To Board

New York, Nov. 1, 2007 – RICS Americas, the New York City-based division of the London-headquartered Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the largest organization for professionals in property, land, construction and related environmental issues worldwide, announces the growth of its international network, addition of prestigious new leadership board members and increased presence throughout North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

RICS Americas currently has 2,500 members across the Americas and Caribbean specializing in areas of land, real estate, valuation, construction, development, engineering and environmental issues.  The organization’s role includes providing members with information, setting high international educational and professional standards, offering industry events and supplying expert advice on property and environmental issues.  RICS Americas is increasing its visibility within the Americas real estate and construction industries by holding more seminars, networking events and conferences, such as an upcoming Managing Risk, Maximizing Reward event to be held in Montego Bay, Jamaica Nov. 8 – 10. 

In addition, RICS Americas’ new leadership board will influence RICS Americas’ strategy and policies to expand the organization.  Members of the board include Tony Grant, president of Sutton Park Estates; Tom Justin, principal and executive vice president of The Weitzman Group; Brian Corcoran, executive managing director and global head of valuation services of Cushman & Wakefield; Maureen Ehrenberg, executive vice president and president of Grubb & Ellis Management Services; Simon Watson, director of Deloitte Consultancy ICS Advisers; and Simon Taylor, vice president of Faithful + Gould.

“Cross-border investment has continued to increase in recent years, today accounting for more than 30 percent of all commercial real estate investment,” said Brian Corcoran, executive managing director and global head of valuation services of Cushman & Wakefield.  “International networks are becoming more and more important—professionals are likely to communicate with companies in Europe, Asia and North America on a regular basis.  RICS Americas specializes in building international working relationships and we feel that now more than ever, there is a need for our expertise and leadership in the Americas.” 

RICS’ global membership includes 130,000 members in over 125 countries, with an extensive, independent research department.  The organization is the leading international source of property-related data, statistics and knowledge and advises many governments and global organizations across the world.  RICS welcomes new members from diverse fields, based on a combination of academic and professional qualifications and relevant experience.

“RICS’ community of international professionals offers invaluable networking opportunities and the ability to develop profitable business partnerships with other top-property professionals around the world, which is key in today’s global market,” said Matthew Bruck, managing director of RICS Americas.  “Every major real estate organization in the world is represented in RICS and helps to advance members’ careers and increase earning potential both nationally and internationally.”

RICS membership offer professionals three unique, globally-recognized certifications: member of RICS (MRICS), technical member of RICS (TechRICS) and fellow of RICS (FRICS).  Fellows are appointed to positions of leadership.  While there are diverse routes to membership based on area of specialty, all candidates must pass an Assessment of Competence (APC) or Technical Assessment of Competence (TAPC) exam to qualify for certification and membership. 

“RICS has played an intricate role in Europe as one of the most prominent real estate industry organizations in the world and has helped to create standards and policies for government entities and public projects for over 100 years,” said Tony Grant, chairman of RICS.  “Building from our global success, we are now focused on developing our international network in the Americas; the largest real estate markets in the world.”

About RICS
RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), with headquarters in London, is the largest organization for professionals in property, land, construction and related environmental issues worldwide.  We promote best practice, regulation and consumer protection to business and the public.  Over 131,000 members in more than 125 countries operate across 17 disciplines, from development, brokerage and construction to environmental issues, valuation and fine arts appraisal.  RICS is the preeminent source of real estate-related knowledge, providing independent, impartial advice to governments and global organizations. www.rics.org. The RICS credentials – MRICS and FRICS – are granted to practitioners who demonstrate professional competence and the highest standards of business practice and ethics through stringent evaluation procedures.  RICS Americas, based in New York and covering North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, has over 2,500 members in commercial and residential development, ownership, construction management, brokerage, planning, engineering and finance.  http://www.rics.org/americas. For further information please email RICS Americas at ricsamericas@rics.org.