GPS Car Units Being Stolen

As I predicted years ago, the American people will wonder how they ever got along without GPS once they discover how convenient a car nav unit is. If you stop and think about, even in your own town, it’s nice to have something tell you how to get someplace you’ve never been. Trouble is, because these units are valued at $400-600, they have become easy targets for thieves, and reports are pouring in from police departments all over the globe about stolen units. And removing the unit from the windshield mount doesn’t help. Even if you remove the mount, unless you clean the windshield, a potential thief can still see that a unit might be in the car. It’s a hassle, but the only safe option is to take the unit with you when you exit the vehicle. I bought one for my daughter last Christmas and she never mounts it her car, but rather keeps it in her purse and simply lays it on the dash or in the car seat when she wants to use it.